ZOOM! – Review of THE FLASH #41

IMG_4553The Flash returns after a break for CONVERGENCE, and this issue is easily one of the best issues of the post-CONVERGENCE DCU (or should I say, DC YOU?). We not only see the return of Professor Zoom in a big way, but also find the return of…(more after the break)…


Okay, we’ll get to who else is back very soon – but let’s get to the storyline here. In the last issue (FLASH #40), Barry Allen learned the name “Thawne”. In this post-FLASHPOINT continuity, it seems that Barry hasn’t met Eobard Thawne yet…but Thawne definitely knows about the Flash. As Professor Zoom, Thawne is bringing in his friends to assure that Barry meets as heartbreaking a demise as possible. Zoom is here…but not ready to reveal himself just yet.

Meanwhile, Barry reveals that name, “Thawne” to Henry Allen…to find that Henry knows that name all too well! He does his best to get Barry to stop investigating that name, then turns to his prison friends to help deal with the situation. His friends? A couple of villains you’ve heard of in the New 52 named Mogul and Black Mold…and a blast from the past named…Girder! Yes, those fans who have been asking for Girder will now find him in current continuity!  I would love to say more, but I don’t want to be too spoilery here. Let’s just say that this is a perfect jumping on point for new fans and a very welcome issue for long time fans.

The artwork here includes a redesign of the Flash’s uniform, and for me it works. The chest symbol now reflects the red inner circle of the TV show, and some gold lightning-bolt bands are now more prominent across the uniform. Penciller Brett Booth got to show off a new two-page spread of Barry getting into the new uni, and these gold bands now appear to be an integral part of the armor. That is what sold me on the new uniform, seeing it all come together in this new sequence. The cowl now sports glowing eyes that radiate Speed Force energy, a bit of a nod that Wally West fans will hopefully appreciate. It won’t be an easy suit to replicate on a panel-by-panel basis, but if anyone is up to that task it would be this art team, with Brett Booth’s pencils, Norm Rapmund’s inks and Andrew Dalhouse’s colors.

Robert Venditti and Van Jensen have knocked it out of the park for me with this issue, giving us some classic Flash characters while putting a new spin on Henry Allen that truly surprised me. Based on what we learned at HeroesCon (check out our interview with Robert Venditti), this should be a great arc, and it certainly got off to an excellent start. If you haven’t caught up with THE FLASH lately, NOW is the time to jump back on board.



5 thoughts on “ZOOM! – Review of THE FLASH #41

  1. Dallin

    Girder has been in the new continuity since the beginning, albeit very briefly. He, Folded Man and Tar Pit threatened Iris during the Mob Rule arc. Girder was later seen during Forever Evil, when Grodd beat him to a pulp. Apparently he survived and is now getting some more “screen time.”

    As for me, I’m going to sit this issue out. At least for now. I do not enjoy Brett Booth’s art, nor have I really enjoyed anything this current creative team has done. And I do not like the idea of changing the suit to match the show. But if enough people praise this new story arc, I guess I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Mr. F

    Dkd you just say, “those fans who’ve been asking for Girder”? No, you couldn’t have. It’d probably be easier to find 2Pac than one of those

  3. Scott timms

    Kid flash!!!!! That’s what bothers me about those eyes!!!!! Anddddd why it would come from Booth. I hate it but at least I understand it.


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