Speedster Confirmed For Flash Season Two

San Diego Comic Con is in full swing, and Friday featured a DC television panel which confirmed that a major comics character will be appearing in season two of The Flash. Spoilers behind the jump.

As reported by Newsarama, Geoff Johns confirmed that Jay Garrick will indeed appear in the TV series. This may not be a huge surprise considering that we saw Jay’s helmet in the season finale and there have been strong hints about seeing Earth Two, but it’s nice to have confirmation. What we don’t know is if the ‘John Clark‘ character is Jay, or if that’s someone else entirely.

Are you excited to see Jay? What role would you like him to have in the series?


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3 thoughts on “Speedster Confirmed For Flash Season Two

  1. Kelson

    I’m excited to see Jay Garrick, especially if they bring him back to his roots in the 1940s. Presumably he wouldn’t be part of the Arrowverse timeline (though Smallville retconned in an entire Justice Society into the no-super-heroes-have-ever-appeared-until-now universe), but if they’re opening up alternate timelines in the second season, they could have Barry and Jay meet through time travel.

  2. Kyer

    Jay! I would love to see Jay….uh…depending on stuff. Like if he’s recognizably Jay more so than just the helmet and speed.


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