Interview With John Wesley Shipp

The Hollywood Reporter talked with John Wesley Shipp about The Flash season finale and what it means for him; you won’t want to read this until after you’ve watched the episode. Spoilers behind the jump.

It’s interesting that Shipp wasn’t told about the identity of the man in the iron mask until fairly late. And particularly intriguing what he suggests about his role next season: maybe he’s out of the loop again and doesn’t know what the writers are planning, but it does sound like he’ll be back as Jay and have a relationship with Barry. So that could mean interesting things for next season, and certainly bring a different dynamic to the series. Plus, as quite a few people said when he was cast as Henry (myself included), he really does look like Jay and it’s great to see him in the role.

Anything you hope to see done with Jay Garrick next season? Share your thoughts!


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5 thoughts on “Interview With John Wesley Shipp

  1. Rocket Jay

    If they’re going to bounce between alternate wor
    lds, I’d like to visit the 1990 series world, with JWS as an older & wiser Barry Allen. Maybe married to Tina McGee…

    1. Greg Elias

      I love how excited JWS is to be playing Jay. The enthusiasm he and Grant have for the show is awesome.

      I thought the Man in the Iron Mask was going to be literally 1990 Flash but this was just as good!

  2. DuckPuppy

    Having Barry come to terms with Jay being his dad from another Earth is a perfect way to jumpstart the mentor/mentee relationship between them… in the original comics, Jay was a character in the comic books that Barry read, and when he got the same powers he took inspiration from his comic book hero. When they finally met, Barry already respected and trusted him because of the stories he had read – this is a childhood hero, even if he was “fiction” up to that point. This is a good way to work that into the story we have in the show.


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