Kid Flash of Two Worlds! Review of THE FLASH #9

img_6281This is an issue that I want to give a 10/10 just for the reveals…and there is SO much more than the two Wallys meeting here. No issue can have the impact of the original “Flash of Two Worlds”, since that story introduced us to what we now know as the Multiverse. But, “Kid Flash of Two Worlds” still should be fondly remembered as we go forward for what this story DID give us…want to know more? Just follow us after the jump!


Let’s call the younger Wally “Teen Titans” Wally, and the original Wally just “TITANS Wally”…hopefully that will help as we go through this review.

The plot is easy enough to sum up…Flash and “Teen Titans” Wally go to save people from a bridge accident when TITANS Wally shows up to help save the day! Both Wallys get time alone, and TITANS Wally and Barry have some important talks as well…but I’m not sure the plot is the point for this issue. Let’s get to the reveals here:

-“Teen Titans” Wally learns that “Uncle” Daniel, the Reverse Flash of the New 52, is really his father. The way he learns that is something we’ll talk about in a moment, along with how he deals with this news.
-“Teen Titans” Wally is friends with someone named…Chunk! No word as to any meta-human qualities for this returning character, but this former friend of TITANS Wally is at least returning to continuity, and that’s a welcome sight.
-“TITANS” Wally tells Barry about Abra Kadabra and the Titans (I’m assuming this story is set in continuity after the current TITANS arc is resolved).
-Barry lets Wally know that whatever Abra Kadabra is doing, he’s not the real force behind all the changes…which of course may lead us back to those potential Watchmen ties

and there’s one more reveal, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

When the two Wallys shake hands, something happens to the Speed Force, and it nearly drags Barry in. While he fights that, several things happen as he “loses heart”, more like losing himself in the Speed Force. This is when he reveals that Daniel is “Teen Titans” Wally’s dad. He also says some things he certainly regrets to TITANS Wally. Barry sees a vision of Zoom telling him he will always race alone…

…and there’s that last reveal…but let’s wait just a moment more.

After learning about his dad, “Teen Titans” Wally runs off.  TITANS Wally catches up and they talk about the situation without revealing who TITANS Wally really is. After a brief (possibly too brief) talk, “Teen Titans” Wally seems better..and this may be the only real flaw in the story. This part was resolved awfully fast. Still, the rest of the story was really good…and then there’s that last reveal.

While Barry was (almost) lost in the Speed Force, he had one last vision, one that filled him with hope…

It was a silver helmet with wings…the Golden Age Flash’s helmet!

That gives this old Flash fan some hope as well, that we may see a return of the classic versions of the Earth 2 JSA. Just a note – I really have enjoyed the New52 versions of the Earth 2 heroes…but I still miss the versions I read about as a kid. Let’s see where this takes us.

SUMMARY: This was an interesting mix of a story. We have a fairly simple plot, laced with HUGE reveals.  This issue isn’t so much about the immediate story as it is about setting the stage for the next year (or more) of tales, and it does that very effectively. Whatever minor flaws may exist (such as “Teen Titans” Wally recovering so quickly from learning about his dad), the overall story with the big reveals easily make up for that. Thanks to Joshua Williamson for a critical chapter in the life of THE FLASH family, and to Jorge Corona for the artwork (with colors by Ivan Plascencia).

I absolutely enjoyed this issue of THE FLASH – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


5 thoughts on “Kid Flash of Two Worlds! Review of THE FLASH #9

  1. FlashFacts

    I don’t know if I’d say younger Wally is over the reveal completely, it seems more like Older Wally calmed him down enough that he’s just not immediately freaking out over it in his head anymore. I still doubt he’ll be too thrilled with Flash or Iris in the stories to come. Overall, I’m okay with this considering it led to some great chemistry between the two Wallys. I’d actually say that this is the issue that really made young Wally really start to grow on me.

    It was SO nice getting a Flash family book! I don’t think we’ve had more than two Flash family characters on panel together since the original Flash Rebirth (at least in any meaningful way….Wally and his kids having a picnic doesn’t count). This was the big draw for me and Williamson wrote the dynamic between the three characters perfectly. It would be great to start seeing this happen more and more and it just makes me wonder why it seems like DC was afraid of this dynamic for so long when it seems to work so well.

    Barry’s comments at the end about how the two Wallys were never supposed to meet interest me. Could the two be more than cousins? Perhaps we have more of a Nuperman/Superdad situation going on here where young Wally really was supposed to be a replacement as he was initially treated. Or maybe it was just more of a nod to the readers, who knows?

    Jay’s helmet was the cherry but I wonder how long we’ll have to wait to see it pay off. I have no doubt that Williamson will do a good job re-establishing the original Flash but I’ll get truly excited when we finally get some Bart teasers.

  2. Steve

    -Loved that the Wally’s really bonded in this issue. The previews had me worried they would be more antagonistic.

    -I’d hate for TT Wally to be over the issue with Daniel just yet. There’s still one more bombshell to drop on him…Barry Allen BRIBED his father to say encouraging things to him way back in the Future’s End storyline. I don’t think that’s been revisited yet, and it is a huge cloud hanging over all three of them.

    -It was cool hearing that Wally worked at a comic book store and played D&D with the local teens…wish we could have seen it, though it appears to be a temp job since he said he was leaving Central City soon.

    -The fact that Wally refuses to see Iris until the Rebirth matter is resolved has me worried about his future. It seems like his links to the current Flash book are very tenuous, and that may be intentional. The editors could be preparing for a tidy removal during the Rebirth event.

    -Really enjoyed this artist’s take on Chunk, who is reappearing after making his debut in the last anniversary special.

  3. Dallin Turner

    I really hated the art on this one — way too loosey goosey. But the story more than made up for it. I love how DC is rebuilding the sense of legacy that was so prominent in the ’90s. I think DC Rebirth should now be called DC Repair, because it is truly repairing all the damage done by the New 52. And I loved the Manapul-Buccellato run as much as anyone, but things fell apart and it’s time to repair and rebuild.

  4. Golddragon71

    NuWally’s friend Chunk first appeared during the last issues of Flash’s new52 run during the Riddler arc. I’m wondering if this Chunk is the same person as his pre-Flashpoint predecessor, or if he’s a related character….(in Pre-Flashpoint DCU Connie and Chunk were trying to have a baby, last time we heard about them. could this be their son?)


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