“Now You See Her…” Review of TITANS #4

img_6282“The Return of Wally West” continues in epic fashion as the battle with Abra Kadabra is at center stage. Kadabra’s doppelgangers of the Titans are gaining the upper hand while Linda Park’s life hangs in the balance. Wally will have a terrible choice to make, with implications that go far beyond winning the immediate battle. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen Abra Kadabra so ahead of his game…want to know more? Join us after the jump!


Abra Kadabra has finally figured out how to beat Wally West. It starts with the doppelgangers…but it goes far beyond mere copies of the original Titans. Kadabra wants to stop Wally in this post-New52 continuity before…let’s get back to that. First…

Kadabra has amplified the powers of his doppelgangers, and he has split them up to different locations around town. That forces our Titans to split up as well, and things aren’t going very well. The doppelgangers are able to capture the Titans except for Wally…but that’s actually the point.

Kadabra wants to force Wally into a terrible choice…and a risky use of his speed. Kadabra DOES remember Wally…all too well. He knows that Wally has raced into the Speed Force in the past, and that his return was only possible because of the love between Wally and Linda. That’s why Kadabra attacks now, before Wally and Linda have a chance to build that relationship. He believes that if Wally races fast enough to go into the Speed Force now…nothing will be able to bring him home! Sooo……

Kadabra casts one more spell, moving the various Titans to Coast City and Metropolis, with Linda trapped in Gotham. What makes this interesting is that Kadabra ISN’T telling Wally to choose who lives and dies…not really…he’s goading him into trying to save everyone at once! The intent is to push Wally into the Speed Force without a return ticket. Kadabra’s ultimate revenge? We’ll have to wait for next issue to learn about that!

SUMMARY: This series continues to be “Wally West and the Titans”, and I have absolutely zero complaints about that. For any fans who came in after FLASHPOINT, this is the primer that will catch you up on all things Wally – and for fans who remember what came before, this is a welcome return of one of the great speedsters in the DC pantheon. We aren’t just picking up from where we left off – we are seeing Wally’s life being reconstructed before our eyes.  I am truly enjoying what we are seeing here with Wally’s story. Thanks to Dan Abnett for another great script, and to Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund and Andrew Dalhouse for the continued amazing artwork! This is a 10/10 to me.

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2 thoughts on ““Now You See Her…” Review of TITANS #4

  1. Golddragon71

    This is the kind of Flash story I’ve been missing all these years. Every issue I read the instant it’s available to me (first on digital, then in print.) and when I finish it, my primary thought is: “I have to wait four more weeks to find out what happens next?! @#$%&!!!!!

  2. C.T. Eldridge

    The Rebirth Titans run is my first exposure to all of these characters, except Dick Grayson. After the first couple of issues, I thought that I’d remain lost because I’m unaware of and detached from the rich history of the team. But I’ve increasingly been drawn in, especially by the angst Wally is feeling, despairing that he ever even tried to come back. That sort of regretful despair is a powerful experience and really resonates with me, so it’s been helpful (even if painful) to see him wrestle through it.


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