Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer

Here’s the newest Legends Of Tomorrow trailer, titled “Out Of Time”. I’m posting it here because (spoiler alert) it has Barry Allen, the Reverse Flash, and Captain Cold in it. The latter two are part of the Legion Of Doom, and Barry’s scenes are apparently from the big four-way multi-series crossover which will air in December. It’ll cover The Flash, Arrow, Legends, and Supergirl.


Legends looks like a lot of fun this season, and I’m looking forward to it! Anyone else watching the series?


1 thought on “Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer

  1. David S.

    Man, This season is going to be awesome!
    1. WOOOO!!! JSA! Love them so much!
    2.Professor Steins reaction to Zombies. Priceless. lol
    3.Some Chuck Norris Love, so cool.
    4.More of Reverse Flash, always a great thing.
    5.Samurais, cowboys, ninja, and Nazi’s? Heck yea!
    6.list could go on.

    Yeah, definitely watching this season. 😀


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