“Color of Fear” Part Two: Review of THE FLASH #24

Okay, I’m in for this one. The “Color of Fear” story arc ramps up considerably in the second installment, with some huge implications for the Flash family (and some nods to the past as well). Long time flash fans will appreciate this one – and new fans will enjoy it as well, in another excellent issue of THE FLASH. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


We start with a sneak peek into the future…the 25th century to be precise, to a Speed Force exhibit that again pairs Flash and Reverse Flash. This narrative is the framing device for the arc, but who exactly is guiding this tour and what their agenda may be is still a mystery.  In present day, Barry and Hal are fighting of Multiplex while young Wally West and Iris West return home to find the Reverse Flash waiting for them!

Eobard Thawne remembers everything…I mean, EVERYTHING, as in what happened before FLASHPOINT and possibly even what happened before the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. His battle with young Wally is particularly brutal, and how (and whether) Wally recovers is left hanging in the air.

Meanwhile, Barry and Hal finally capture Multiplex. They then go to a floating (as in the air) bar operated by your friendly Green Lantern. This is a great touch – showing both the friendship of Barry and Hal and also setting the perfect scene for their discussion about Barry’s personal life. Barry realizes he needs to stop lying to Iris about who is really is…but he’s also worried that the revelation could split them apart. He finally decides he needs to come clean, and heads to Iris’ house to find…

Kid Flash seriously injured and Iris missing!

Thawne has taken Iris into the 25th century, having realized that she does not know who Barry is or what Thawne did to Iris back before time was rearranged. Thawne remembers what he did to Iris…is he ready to kill her once again? That’s where we leave the story for now…can’t wait to see what’s next!

SUMMARY: Joshua Williamson turns in one of his best scripts for this issue of THE FLASH, with a story that gives us both a classic team up with Hal and a classic (and even more compelling) Reverse Flash. The artwork is right on the money thanks to Carmine Di Giandomenico and Pop Mhan (with colors by Ivan Plascencia & Hi-Fi). The “floating bar” was a great touch, and I don’t know when I’ve been more creeped out by the villainy of Thawne. This was a 10/10 for me – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


One thought on ““Color of Fear” Part Two: Review of THE FLASH #24

  1. Married Guy

    I HATED Pop Mhan’s art when I first saw his work. (On the Cobalt Blue storyline eons ago).
    I am happy to say this is no longer the case. While still not a favourite, it was a definite improvement on his earlier work.


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