A Fun Time with THE FLASH ANNUAL #3 (Review)

With the very serious Flash Age arc behind us and the Legion of Zoom ahead of us, it’s time for a most entertaining break. We get that here, courtesy of Captain Boomerang and the Suicide Squad. Just how did The Flash end up dealing with all of them AND Deathstroke? That’s half the fun of this story. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Much of this story is told from the viewpoint of Digger Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang. He is being interrogated as to the whereabouts of the Revolutionaries…the Suicide Squad. Digger responds with his version of the truth, which of course is both highly inflated and very entertaining. The Flash finds Digger with the Suicide Squad, and somehow they convince him to help them out.

There is a way they can escape from pursuit…the Veil. This is a prototype airplane based off of Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet. It is supposedly untraceable. Flash agrees to take them to where this jet is hiding. It is there that they realize they are not alone.  They are faced down..by Deathstroke!

Deathstroke has been hired  to go after them…and he attacks with just about everything he’s got. Flash tries to help, but is apparently beheaded by Deathstroke! Boomerang faces off against Deathstroke while the rest make their way toward the jet.

This is where Digger’s story breaks down. His interrogators know he has been lying at least in part the whole time. They are ready to send him back to Belle Reve, breaking their agreement with him. But, there is one more twist…

He is saved by the Flash! Wait, didn’t Deathstroke cut off Barry’s head? Not so fast (pun intended). Flash vibrated so that the blade went through him. As for the rest? Well, Digger has played everyone well, and the Flash played right along.  I’ll leave how the Suicide Squad ends up for you to read about. But, as for Flash and Boomerang…

Flash takes Digger back to where he started, in Kurrumburra, Australia. He wants to give Digger another chance at life. Of course, as soon as Flash leaves, Digger gets a text from Captain Cold. Even Flash has been played a bit here, as Captain Boomerang is back in business!


  • This story by Joshua Williamson had a lighthearted feel that was slightly Silver Age in tone – and this Silver Age(d) fan loved it. Lots of fun without forgetting how the present-day characters act. It was a truly fun story all around.
  • The artwork was fantastic throughout, with splash page pics of Flash and of Boomerang that ought to be turned into posters. That’s thanks to Stephen Segovia, Brandon Peterson, and Carlo Pagulayan on pencils; Brandon Peterson and Jason Paz on inks; colors by Hi-Fi; and letters by Steve Wands. Great job!


Every once in a while, we need a story like this. It’s light, fun, and simply a joy to read. I’ll give this a 8/10. Of course, that’s just my opinion – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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