“Fear Me” Review of S7E5 of THE FLASH

Fans of Joshua Williamson’s time as writer for THE FLASH comics will recognize the additions to the Flash lore in the Arrowverse. We are finally getting to the phenomenon that occurred just as Barry was getting his speed back – and the impact that may have on this season of THE FLASH. This may be the strongest episode of Season 7 yet. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


NOTE: This review is airing before THE FLASH airs in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t seen the show yet, STOP HERE and come back after watching the episode. You’ll be glad you did!

Barry’s mom Nora is back – well not really, but the version of Nora that the Speed Force used as an avatar is back. That’s the good news, that the real Speed Force still exists. The bad news? The Speed Force has been attacked and is not able to respond at all. We know that one of her attackers is Fuerza. But, there is another bad guy for this episode, one that makes the title of this episode make sense.

Psych. “Fear me”

By episode’s end, Team Flash will know what comics fans already can figure out. These are the avatars of the Strength and Sage Forces. Only, these appear to be more than just people who have been granted access to their new forces. More on that later, but for now…

Psych is using his power to cause fear and chaos. And, it’s working, even on Team Flash. Cecile is having nightmares every time Psych strikes anywhere, due to her own psychic abilities. Team Flash is striking out against him, even while using the dampeners they successfully used against Grodd. How can that be? Psych makes everyone face their worst fears. These are powerful, nightmarish visions of the worst things each person can imagine for themselves. Worse still, harm done to you during these nightmarish visions can physically manifest in real life. This nearly kills Barry, if not for his speed healing power. It goes back to the old trope “If you die in a dream…”

Eventually, Psych decides to attack all of Central City at once. Can Flash stop him? Not so much this time, at least not alone. So, who can save the day?

Cecile can.

This is her time to shine.

Barry introduces her to the Thinker’s chair, the one used to amplify DeVoe’s abilities. Cecile is afraid to try it, thinking that it could turn her evil – and of course it doesn’t. In the end, Cecile is able to project courage, first to Barry and then to the entire city with the help of that chair. As Barry reaches Psych, he simply fades away due to the force of Cecile’s powers. She is truly the hero of this episode, and it’s a very cool moment for this character.

After the battle, Barry is having more trouble with his own powers. Things are short circuiting all around him. He goes into the cryo pod to keep everyone safe, though that places him into an induced coma. 

Just then, the Speed Force/Nora wakes up. It is then that she explains that both Fuerza and Psych had attacked her, and that they may be…

…just like her!

Not people infused with their forces like Barry. But the actual forces themselves!


  • Part of the key to this episode was facing fears. It was hard for Barry to talk about the visions he had seen. It was only late in the episode while talking to Cecile that he was able to start coming to terms with his fears. Cecile really was a key in many ways for this episode.
  • There are some subplots that bear note here. In one, we finally resolve the Caitlin/Frost split. After attempts to fuse them back together, they realize it may be better to remain separated…as long as they share one apartment like sisters. This may be the best solution for the characters – it works for me.
  • A new agent from the Governor’s “State Logistics Division” shows up at the CCPD. We wonder what her real purpose may be until she reveals why she is there. She’s out to capture a rogue metahuman – Killer Frost!
  • This episode is another example of Season 7’s unique ways of resolving battles. This may be the best example as well. Instead of just talking someone down, we get to see another member of Team Flash have her moment to shine. Danielle Nicolet does a great job in her role as Cecile, especially in this episode.


This may be the best episode of the season yet. I’ll give this a 9/10 – of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


One thought on ““Fear Me” Review of S7E5 of THE FLASH

  1. golddragon71

    With Iris calling the Speed Force Nora, I’m wondering if she has more Nora in her than Speed Force.
    Like perhaps three more the Speed Force took Nora’s form, the more it drew her memories and feelings into it so that it essentially had taken Nora’s very essence. Essentially giving her a new life as it’s representative.


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