“Timeless” Review of S7E9 of THE FLASH

The Speed Force is determined to kill the avatars of all the other forces. How to stop her? Will going back in time and risking another Flashpoint do it? Will staying in the present and talking her down (or the other forces down) take care of it? There are serious choices being made all around as we learn more about the nature of the new forces. That includes one reveal that we’ve been waiting to see…and is still shocking. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Note: Once again apologies for the late review. Next time will be on time – promise!

We get a better idea of the origin of the new forces in this episode. There is a connection between all the forces to Barry. But, not just to Barry.

There is a connection to Iris too! This explains a bit more of that lightning that passed in an earlier episode between Barry and Iris. There is some kinetic energy inside of Iris as a result of all the previous events. Somehow, that energy combined with Barry’s. And, as the lightning went into the sky that created the new Speed Force, Barry and Iris were inadvertently the reason ALL the forces came into existence. 

Nora wants to kill all the rest of the forces. Barry wants to save all the avatars, but he knows he can’t win in a fight. So, his idea is to go back in time. Yes, THAT solution. Go back in time and stop the other forces from being formed. Barry believes that will save the avatars. 

Iris disagrees, believing she can talk the Speed Force (and possibly the other forces) down. To her, that’s the way to save the day. Barry and Iris disagree, and Iris washes her hands of Barry’s approach.

She’s not the only one with doubts. Cisco has serious doubts as well. That makes sense, considering what happened to his brother due to the first Flashpoint. Eventually, he is roped into the plan, which involves the now-timeless Harrison Wells.

The idea is that this version of Harrison Wells can take himself and Barry through time without messing things up. They would tweak the tachyon enhancer, take it back to the moment the forces were created, and scoop up everything except the Speed Force. 

While all this is going on we find Deon/Still Force threatening Barry, Harrison, Chester and Cisco. And, we see Psych doing the same to Iris, Kamilla and Allegra at the old Allen house. This all comes to a head as Barry and Harrison make it back in time to the creation of the new Speed Force…and Barry has a change of heart. Here’s why:

Joe had talked to Barry about the fact that Barry and Iris are sort of parents to these new forces. He compared it to his own early struggles with Wally. Joe’s point is that you don’t judge your kids (or forces) by what they are today, but by who they can become. That hits home for Barry.

Barry breaks the collector disc of the tachyon enhancer, letting the particles he had created go back. The forces are still going to exist! 

As Barry and Iris reconcile, something amazing happens to Alexa. The supposedly-dead Alexa comes back to life thanks to the connection she has with both Barry and Iris. The little bit of lightning that passes between the two goes to Alexa, enveloping her and reviving her.

Now the question is what to do next. That’s hard to say, but Barry and Iris are back in sync to figure it out. That leads us to the…

EPILOGUE – Deon/Still Force sees Nora walking toward him. He’s feeling confident until Nora let’s him know that she is “a reckoning”. And then, Nora sets up the same vibrating hand attack that was used originally by none other than Eobard Thawne! That’s where we stop until next episode.


  • Cisco and Kamilla exit stage left at the end of the episode, preparing to leave Central City. It’s bittersweet – Carlos Valdes has been a breakout star since Season 1. But, the way this was developed makes sense for the character. He’s going to follow his love Kamilla as she sets up an exhibition of her photographic art in San Francisco. We may see Cisco from time to time, but this marks the end of an era for the show.
  • Speaking of bittersweet, it was great seeing Tom Cavanagh again as Timeless Wells. While his appearances are sporadic now, he always adds something special to the show.
  • I keep wondering when Barry will learn that his impulsive go-it-alone ideas rarely work. In this case, at least, he realizes it before truly and completely messing things up. This version of Barry Allen works better when he stays in sync with Team Flash, and especially with Iris.
  • I’m wondering what they will do with this discovery about Iris, that she has some special kinetic energy inside her now. It’s bound to play into the rest of this season at least. It does help to explain some of the abilities we’ve seen earlier this season, if nothing else.
  • This episode is different than earlier ones in that the idea of winning by talking someone down did NOT work this time. It sets up whatever the third path will be. If direct fighting doesn’t work, and these forces can’t be just talked down, what to do next? We’ll see in upcoming episodes.  


This was another solid episode. We get a visit from Timeless Wells, and say a fond farewell to Cisco and Kamilla. And, we get a better idea of the nature of all the forces, including the Speed Force itself. I’ll give this a 9/10 – but of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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