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WonderCon 2016 Photos are Up

I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons at WonderCon in Los Angeles, and took my usual photos of sights and cosplay. The LA convention center does feel different than Anaheim, but the con still felt like a WonderCon, not like ComiKaze or Wizard World. The size and variety of the exhibit hall, and the sheer amount of programming, went a long way. (I also went a long way…from one end to the other of the convention center. Repeatedly. Think of it as a dumbbell, with the exhibit hall on one side, and programming on the other and along the bar.)

Head over to Flickr for the full photo gallery, or check out my write-up at K² Ramblings!

WonderCon 2016 Collage

Vote: Flash in Round 4 at both CSBG & TMStash’s March Madness!

The current Flash TV show has advanced to round four in both TMStash and CSBG’s March Madness fan polls!

At CSBG, Flash (Grant Gustin) is up against Luke Cage (Mike Colter) in Daily Planet Final Round. (Here’s a list of all four regions)

At TMStash, Flash (the series) is up against Arrow in round 4.

Head over to both sites and vote for your favorites!

Vote! Flashes in CSBG & TMStash’s March Madness Tournaments – Round 3

The March Madness tournaments at TMStash and Comics Should Be Good — both focusing on TV superheroes — have moved on to round three.

At TMStash, the focus is on entire series. The Flash (current series) defeated Wonder Woman (1970s), and goes up against Batman: The Animated Series in round three.

At CSBG, it’s about the character portrayals. John Wesley Shipp’s Flash lost to by John Constantine, but Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen continues into Round 3 (Daily Planet region), up against Clark Kent (Tom Welling).

Vote! Two TV Flashes Move to Round 2 of CSBG’s March Madness

The stars of both live-action Flash TV shows have moved on to the next round in their respective brackets in CSBG’s annual March Madness DC/Marvel character tournament.

Kyle Gallner’s Bart Allen from Smallville didn’t make it, but considering he was up against Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl, that’s not terribly surprising.

Head over to CSBG to check out the rest of the match-ups!

Vote! Flashes in CSBG’s March Madness

CSBG’s annual March Madness DC/Marvel superhero tournament is on, and this year the focus is on TV adaptations. Voting is open for Round 1, including three speedsters:

Daily Planet Region:

  • Batgirl/Barbara Gordon (Yvonne Craig, Batman 1966) vs. Impulse/Bart Allen (Kyle Gallner, Smallville)
  • Flash/Barry Allen (Flash 2014) vs. Huntress/Helena Kyle (Ashley Scott, Birds of Prey)

Batcave Region:

  • Flash/Barry Allen (John Wesley Shipp, Flash 1990) vs. Martian Manhunter/J’onn J’onnz/John Jones (Phil Morris, Smallville)

Here’s the full tournament bracket.