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Gingerbread Flash (Merry Christmas)

So for Christmas this year I decided to make a Gingerbread Flash. Pretty appropriate considering the old Gingerbread Man story and the taunt that he would yell while running at cookie crumbling speeds: Run, run as fast as you can; You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man.

I made two attempts with varying success. This is the first time I had done anything by myself involving Gingerbread men and even then I was using a Trader Joe’s Giant Gingerbread Man as a template. I used a combination of  cake and cookie frosting (should have just used cake frosting) and it was a fun learning experience overall.

Flash 1.0 (Barry):

My first attempt at Gingerbread Flash. You can tell it is Barry because of the belt and the blue eyes.

Flash 2.0 (Wally):

My second attempt came out a little better. This is kind of a mix of looks for Wally: JLU/New Comic Costume emblem, with exposed green eyes and centered belt that meets in the middle.

The Fastest Gingerbread Men Alive!

Merry Christmas, from everyone here at Speed Force! And a very special thanks to all the guest contributors helping out over the last couple months; Shag, Dave Huang, Liquidcross, Brandon, Frank Lee Delano, KC Flash, Dave Sun, Ken O, Greg Elias, Kojo Manu, Adam Komar and anyone I might have left out, You guys are awesome! Can’t wait to see more fantastic stuff from a very talented Flash community.

Keep it Flashy

Devin “The Flash” Johnson

Flash in DC Holiday Special

DC Holiday Special 2009Just a quick note: Today’s DC Holiday Special ’09 does feature a Flash story, “The Flash Before Christmas” by Amy Wolfram and Daniel Leister. Surprisingly, it’s a Wally West story, in which the speedster tries to do what the rest of us do just before Christmas: Take care of a zillion last-minute tasks.