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Digital Discount: Trial of the Flash in Convergence Sale

wpid-flash-340-trial-begins.jpgQuick note: ComiXology is running a Convergence Week 3 sale featuring DC comics from the 1980s. If you scroll way down to the end, you’ll find The Flash #340-350, featuring the famous (or is it infamous) “Trial of the Flash” story that wrapped up the pre-Crisis series starring Barry Allen.

After releasing two issues a week for several months, DC hasn’t added any new Flash issues to their digital backlist since the big Flash 500 sale in March. Maybe we’ll see more after Convergence?

WonderCon 2015 Round-Up

Big Hero 6As of last weekend, I’ve been to more WonderCons in Anaheim than San Francisco, and more with a kid in tow than without. And I’m finally at the point where I’m no longer comparing the current incarnation of the con to the previous one, and just taking it on its own terms.

Here at Speed Force, we covered Flash cosplay and the Flash TV show cast Q&A earlier in the week. My full photo gallery is on Flickr. It took a whole week, but I finally put together my write-up of the con over at K-Squared Ramblings.


Television News Tidbits

There’s a new clip available from this week’s Flash episode, titled “Things You Can’t Outrun”. It features Joe West and Team Flash discussing where to put metahuman prisoners.


In other news, television actor Roger Howarth has been cast as Mason Bridge, a reporter who becomes Iris’ journalistic mentor. The name is probably a reference to the comics’ supporting character Mason Trollbridge, although it seems the similarities may end there.

Robbie Amell (Ronnie Raymond) talks about Firestorm at The Hollywood Reporter. He notes that Firestorm will be a difficult opponent for the Flash, and talks about how he and Victor Garber (Martin Stein) will be portraying him.

Finally, Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell talk about the Flash/Arrow crossover at IGN. It sounds like it’ll be big.

io9 has our first look at Captain Boomerang on Arrow. The image was posted to someone’s Instagram account recently, but has since been deleted. Boomerang (played by Nick Tarabay) will debut on Arrow and then appear in the crossover episode(s).

Flash TV snippets

Another Flash trailer! Like most of the others so far, it’s made up of scenes from the pilot episode.

See actor Candice Patton’s (Iris West) photoblog at the DC site, with behind-the-scenes images of the Flash set and actors.

Two recent interviews with Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawne): at the DC blog and at CBR. Both pieces dance around the possibilities of where his character may or may not be heading, thanks to his infamous surname, and he’s apparently aware of the Thawne history in the comics. has a brief video interview with Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp. They talk a bit about the differences between their two portrayals of Barry Allen, as well as the relationship between Barry and Henry Allen.

Geoff Johns discusses some of the Rogues. It isn’t clear to me whether he’s talking about their TV selves or comics incarnations (maybe a mixture of both), but perhaps it’ll give us some insights into what will be done with the television Rogues.

News Round-Up talked to Grant Gustin about whether he’s comfortable playing Barry yet, and what kinds of research he did to prepare for the role.

The DC blog has an interview with Candice Patton (Iris West), in which they discuss her favourite superhero, what she would do if she had superspeed, and more. Starting next week, she will apparently be photo-blogging about what it’s like to work on the Flash series, so that’s something to look forward to at the DC blog.

The Nerdist talked to Geoff Johns about Captain Cold’s role in the TV series (Johns co-wrote his debut episode), as well as a bit about the lighter tone of the Flash comic series:

Geoff Johns: One of the things I always thought when Francis Manapul and I started the Barry Allen run is that even though Barry had all this tragedy in his life he was still the Flash. He was still interacting with people, he was still cheerful, and it was still a bright book. It’s just who the Flash is. He’s not a dark character. He’s a blue-sky character. He runs around during the day. It’s just intentional. Obviously we want to celebrate superheroes and this is a way to celebrate them.

Hero Complex talked to Flash writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen about the role of Wally West in the ongoing comics series, as well as some of the controversy which has surrounded his current characterization. There are some spoilers for the Futures End: Flash issue, so be warned.

As reported at — and many other sites — the Arrow half of the Arrow/Flash crossover episode will be titled “The Brave And The Bold”. This has obvious connotations for DC fans, even if one half of the duo will be Oliver Queen instead of Hal Jordan. (And as you may recall, the Flash episode of the crossover has the more prosaic title of “Flash Vs Arrow”.)

Finally, there’s a new preview clip from the pilot episode — which debuts a week from today, on October 7. You may have seen most of this footage already if you watched Barry’s appearance on Arrow, but there’s also another brief cameo which is unique to the Flash pilot and is relevant to another character.
Thanks to Flash TV News for the link and heads-up!