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Speed Force Fifth Anniversary Contest

Welcome to Speed Force’s fifth anniversary celebration! As part of the fun, we’re running another contest for Flash fans to participate in. And of course there will be prizes!

The idea is simple: just tell us why you like the Flash. Any Flash –- it can be Jay, Barry, Wally, Bart, or all of them (or even just the Flash as a concept). Or perhaps tell us about what he/they mean to you. You can write about it or draw it, whatever suits your talents, and we’ll post the entries after the contest is over. To enter, send your submission here.

The contest will run from Monday June 17 to Monday June 24, with a deadline of 11:50 PM Pacific Time. One entry per person, please. The five Speed Force writers (Kelson, Devin, Greg, Ed, and myself) will select our favourites from the submitted entries and award the prizes.

Good luck, and have fun!

Top 4 Favorite Flash Memories – Contest Results!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Favorite Flash Memory contest celebrating four years of Speed Force! 45 of you shared your stories of the Flash and Flash fandom, and 142 of you voted for the top four.

And now, the results are in!*

#1 with 36 votes: Wally East

My favorite memory of The Flash is him helping me through the end of a particularly bad training run. The run was just one of those sucky runs happens now and then. Toward the end, I started remembering how in a story I had just read (I can’t remember what story at the moment) had pushed harder and harder even though he wanted to stop. He didn’t let the pain stop him. He hit the wall and kept running hard. I thought about how Wally is just a regular guy with superspeed. If he could hang in, so could I since I’m a regular guy, too, just with regular-guy speed 🙂

Wally East wins our grand prize: a 1st Appearance Jay Garrick action figure, a Flash: Rebirth #4 variant cover signed by Geoff Johns, and a Flash: Rebirth poster! Congratulations, Wally!

Jay Garrick 1st Appearance action figure, Flash Rebirth #4 variant signed by Geoff Johns, Flash: Rebirth poster

Read on for the rest of the winners! Continue reading

Vote! Top 4 Favorite Flash Memories

Thanks for sharing your favorite Flash memories over the last few days! You’ve posted some really inspiring stories. Now it’s time to vote for the top four stories shared by your fellow fans.

Update: The poll is now closed, and the results are in!

Voting is open until Friday at noon Pacific Time.

Once the results are in, the fans with the top four stories will get prizes from our personal collections including Flash variant covers (one of them signed by none other than Geoff Johns) and Flash collectibles!

Contest entries closed

Hope you got in your entry, because the time for submitting them is done. Kelson will set up a poll for everyone to vote on sometime tonight or tomorrow. Voting will last 48 hours, and remember, there’ll be four winners.

But hey, if you didn’t get a chance to submit something for the contest, we’d still love to hear about your favourite Flash-related memory anyway! That’s what fandom’s all about!

Update: Vote for the top 4 here!

Update 2: The results are in!

Contest Reminder: Share Your Favorite Flash Memory!

In celebration of the site’s four-year anniversary, Speed Force is inviting you to share your favorite Flash memory. Submissions are open until Tuesday evening at 9pm EDT. After submissions close, you’ll get to vote on your favorite stories, and the four winners will get Flash prizes — including some cool variant editions! (Did I mention there’s a signed book in there?)

So head over to the Flash memory contest page and submit your favorite Flash memory!

Contest: Your favorite Flash memory!

Hey there, Flash fans, and welcome to Speed Force’s fourth anniversary celebration! We four regular contributors will be writing about some of our favorite Flash memories, and thought it might be nice to get you folks involved as well. What better way to do that than with a contest?

Here’s how it’ll go: simply share your favorite Flash-related memory, or an early memory that you think is pretty special (for whatever reason — it could be entirely personal) in the comments section of this post. We’ll collect the stories and set them up as a poll to be voted on by readers, and the top-rated four will win!

There will be four winners, and the contest will run until 9 pm ET on Tuesday, June 19. Prizes will include Flash variant issues. There aren’t any rules or restrictions, although please share just one story to make things fair for everyone. So dig deep into your memories, and have fun!

Update: The results are in!