WWWW: Contest Winner, Week Eight!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s installation of our “Where Was Wally West?” contest here at Speed Force!  Wally finally showed up last week, and we still had a good time..

We posted a panel from a classic Flash comic, featuring Wally West in an alternate reality, the past or a “possible future”.  Correct answers were put into a raffle, and a winner was drawn at random.  To refresh your memory, here is the latest subject:

This week was a tough one, but a we received a few correct answers as always from savvy Flash fans.  This week’s winner is Eric L.!


Congrats to Eric!  This week’s subject was Flash Annual #4, an Armageddon  2001 tie in by Mark Waid and Craig Brashfield.  In a vision of a possible future, Wally West is forced out of retirement to battle a demon from his past, with his son’s life on the line.

See you next time!



One thought on “WWWW: Contest Winner, Week Eight!

  1. Jason West

    Not only did he show up last week but he may have shown up a month ago right from the beginning as well…;) (I won’t spoil I’ll just leave you with that thought…)


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