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Happy Anniversary!: The Flash, Years Four

As Speed Force marks its fourth birthday, we decided to take a look back at where each of the Fastest Men Alive were in the fourth year of their titles.  Happy Speed Fourth!

Flash fans know a lot can change in four years, but Speed Force is still the place for Flash news, commentary and analysis.  But what of the heroes throughout the history of Flash comics?  Where were Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West exactly four years after their first solo titles launched?  After the jump, we’ll take a look at comics out on and around their fourth anniversaries, and the stories and creators involved.

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Golden-Age Art Mystery

Flash stippled portrait (All-Flash #13)Comic Coverage is seeking help in solving an All-Flash Art Mystery — namely, this stippled portrait of the Flash from All-Flash #13 (reprinted in the 1973 Flash 100 Page Spectacular ) in a dramatically different style than regular artist E.E. Hibbard‘s usual (of which the faces in the border are more typical).

(My take: I don’t see any reason to believe it’s not Hibbard’s own work, judging by some of the panels he did for creator cameos and wildlife paintings he did in the years after his comics career. And in The Flash Companion, Tom Brevoort recalls being astonished by this page, and believes it to be Hibbard’s work.)