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Wally West Gets Co-Feature – Flash News from Long Beach

I just got out of the DC nation panel at Long Beach Comic-Con. At the start, Geoff Johns announced that the new Barry Allen Flash series will be a 30-page book with a Wally West Flash co-feature (backup story) by Geoff Johns & Scott Kolins!


Other Flash news from the Question & Answer segment:

No current plans to reissue trades from Geoff Johns’ Wally run.

Both Captain Boomerangs will appear in Blackest Night. As will Rainbow Raider – or rather the “Black and White Raider.” And he’s “really upset about it.”

Wally will have his new costume in Blackest Night & the new backup stories.

The new speedster Geoff mentioned in San Diego will be female. I’m thinking maybe Iris’ link to the speed force kicks in?

Update: Newsarama’s and CBR’s articles are up, both of which include a bit I’d missed posting: One fan asked whether, with Flash and Kid Flash, Wally was going to be “medium Flash.” Geoff Johns pointed out that Jay Garrick is still called Flash…

Update 2: My full write-up and photos from the con are now online!

Co-Features, or How To Make All Flash Fans Happy

Over the past month, DC has announced a (somewhat) new format for some of its books: the co-feature. It’s essentially the same as the classic lead+backup format, except that the lead story is a full 22 pages.* The upcoming Doom Patrol relaunch will co-feature the Metal Men, and now Booster Gold and Teen Titans will be getting Blue Beetle and Ravager backups. The books will jump to $3.99, but they’ll have more story pages than the standard $2.99 book.

Thinking about this, I realized: This is the perfect way to satisfy all Flash fans! Relaunch the series after Flash: Rebirth as a co-feature book. Make the lead 22-page story focus on Barry Allen. Make the backup story focus on Wally West, or rotate through Wally, Jay and Bart. I’ve been vocal in my displeasure at losing a regular series focusing on Wally, but I would buy this in a hot second with no complaints (unless the stories turned out bad, of course). It also seems more viable in this market than a second Flash book.

So how about you, readers? Does this sound like a good idea?

Edit: Went to post this on ComicBloc and realized that The Speedster posted the same idea a week ago. And I responded in the thread. Clearly I need either more sleep or more coffee.

*It’s not clear how long the backups are, but I’m guessing probably 12 or 16. 16 would make it roughly equivalent to a 40-page book, which is the format that Final Crisis and tie-ins like Rogues Revenge have used.