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The Fastest Forum Alive

With the launch of the new Flash series, one fan forum is setting up their own relaunch: The Fastest Forum Alive sort of fell by the wayside during Flashpoint, but they’re back up and running again with an improved site, and they’re ready to bring in new members.

So if you’re looking for a place to talk about the Flash, and the forums you’ve been to just don’t seem to fit, zoom over to the Fastest Forum Alive and give it a spin!

New Flash Forums and Podcasts Sighted (Updated)

Two quick items:

A new podcast, Flash-back, plans to review The Flash on a monthly basis. So far they’ve posted an introduction to their podcast and an overview of Flash history. (thanks to Heatwave the Rogue on Comic Bloc)

The forum Speedster Site also launched a few days ago, and is focused exclusively on the Flash (thanks to younglionsimba)

Update: In the Comic Bloc thread on “Flash-back,” Chris Hansbrough pointed to another podcast, Tom vs. the Flash, a series of 5–10-minute reviews of classic Silver Age Flash episodes.