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Flash Christmas Covers

When I thought of doing this feature, I figured there would be more of these. But there are surprisingly few. Most of them, as it turns out, are from Comic Cavalcade back in the 1940s. None appeared during Barry Allen’s run, and only two during Wally West’s. (One of them I only included because the cover quoted “Jingle Bells.”) Impulse, however, managed three.

Interesting notes:

  • 5 feature Santa Claus.
  • 5 feature Christmas Trees.
  • 4 name the holiday.

I even went hunting for team books — Justice League, Teen Titans, Justice Society, etc. Oddly enough, I couldn’t find many that were both Christmas-themed and featured a Flash.

Thanks to the Grand Comics Database for the covers.

Classic Covers: Flash v.2 #51

I hope Dixon of Crimson Lightning won’t mind me picking up this theme. (Come to think of it, he’s probably used this cover on that blog.)

Anyway, today’s classic cover is Flash v.2 #51 (June 1991), for reasons which should be obvious to US residents.

The other characters running with the Flash haven’t been seen for a while: the three dressed in white and red are the Kapitalist Kouriers, a trio of Soviet expatriates (originally called Red Trinity) who defected to the United States and went into business as super-speed couriers. To the best of my knowledge, they haven’t been seen since Dead Heat (1995).

The woman in the Flash outfit is Christina, originally a member of Red Trinity’s predecessor team, Blue Trinity. She’s had a long history of working for various villains including Vandal Savage, Savitar, and Kobra (sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not — her history with Savage is particularly twisted), but at this time she’d latched onto Wally West and was calling herself Lady Flash. She has been seen recently, albeit in a different costume, among Vandal Savage’s faction/harem in Salvation Run.