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Flash in DC’s Most Iconic Covers

Comics Should Be Good has completed their list of the Top 75 Most Iconic DC Covers as voted on by the site’s readers, and the Flash has made a solid showing!

#73. Flash Comics #1

Flash Comics #1
1940. The first-ever appearance of the Flash, starring Jay Garrick. Also, the first time the Flash catches a bullet. Homaged by Impulse #84.

(Tied with Green Lantern #73.)

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Sonic of Two Worlds

Ralbalboa sent in this scan of a cover from an early Sonic the Hedgehog comic book:

Sonic #9: Seeing Double

(Click to enlarge)

It’s Sonic the Hedgehog #9, cover-dated April, probably from 1994 (GCD says the series started in 1993). And as regular readers here will no doubt notice, it’s a reference to the classic Flash of Two Worlds cover from Flash vol.1 #123 (1961). Continue reading