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Vote Now! Flash vs. Batman in Injustice Battle Arena Semi-Finals

Injustice Battle Arena: Flash vs. Batman

As we reported last week, the Flash defeated the Joker to move onto the semifinals in the Injustice Battle Arena. Voting is now open, and the Flash is up against a formidable foe: none other than Batman himself!

Can the scarlet speedster move fast enough to defeat the caped crusader? Or has the tournament given the Dark Knight enough prep time to defeat him? You decide!

Flash Advances to Semi-Finals in Injustice: Battle Arena & Action Figure News


Hey Speed Readers,

We’ve had a busy last few days when it comes to Flash news. First the final fate of Wally West in Young Justice and now some Injustice: Gods Among Us video game news.

First off, the creators behind Injustice, Netherrealm Studios, have been running a tournament called Injustice Battle Arena for the last few weeks. In it DC characters face off against each other with fan votes deciding the outcome. The Flash has already trounced Captain Marvel (or Shazam! ugh), and in a big shock this past week The Flash pulled off a huge upset against insanely popular Batman foe, The Joker.

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