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Guggenheim & Kolins Put the Jay in JSA

DC announced that Marc Guggenheim (Flash: The Fastest Man Alive — Full Throttle) will be taking over Justice Society of America after its crossover with the Justice League finishes. In an interview with CBR, Guggenheim says:

Jay Garrick will be the center of the universe here. Whether he turns out to actually be mayor, well, you’ll have to continue to read the book. I think it will be interesting to watch Jay evolve and grow as a character.

Shane Davis will provide the covers. The interior artist hasn’t officially been announced, but Guggenheim tells Newsarama, “I’m equally thrilled to be working with Scott Kollins.”

Update: Newsarama interviews Guggenheim on the move: He’d been in talks to do an “inventory arc” for JSA, and then Bill Willingham left and the editor asked him if he wanted to take over the series. (I find it interesting that where, in the old days, they’d do an inventory story, or an inventory issue, in case the book was running behind…now they seriously talk about an “inventory arc.”)

Update (July 19): DC’s October solicitations confirm Scott Kolins as the new artist.

Tip of the shiny hat to Wayne Lippa for spotting the Kolins reference.

Francis Manapul Covers Jesse Quick for JLA #46

One aspect of the upcoming JLA/JSA crossover is that Liberty Belle will be moving from the Justice Society to the Justice League as Jesse Quick. Check out this this variant cover for Justice League of America #46:


I’ve mostly lost interest in the current Justice League series. From what I’ve seen of it, the book has been too focused on shuffling the roster and supporting crossovers. And after the Cry For Justice fiasco (though I get the impression that the worst of it was editorially decreed), I’d made a conscious decision to avoid James Robinson’s run.

But you know what?

I think I’m picking up this comic, if I can find a copy with the variant cover at a reasonable price.

Jesse Quick + Liberty Belle + Francis Manapul. Seriously.

Justice League of America #46 arrives in stores June 30.

Update: Francis Manapul has posted the uncolored artwork.

Jesse Quick Variant Cover Francis Manapul Original

James Robinson: Jesse Quick in the JLA

Newsarama’s Vaneta Rogers interviews James Robinson about his Justice League of America run and the upcoming crossover with the Justice Society. He talks about the team dynamic and some of the new characters joining the roster, including the team’s new speedster…Jesse Quick, who will be moving over from the JSA to the JLA by the end of the crossover.

Newsarama: Her encounter with her father during Blackest Night explains why she chose this costume and identity now, but why do you think it works for her to join the Justice League?

Robinson: Well, you’ll have to read the story to see how it happens. But what I like about her joining the Justice League is there’s a natural link between the Justice League and the Justice Society because of her marriage to Hourman, which we can play upon. There’s a natural organic link between the two teams now, which is good.

Flash Relics in new Smallville: Absolute Justice Preview

More Flash news from The Source: a new video preview of “Absolute Justice”, the Geoff Johns–penned Smallville episode airing February 5.

Comic Book Resources has taken some screencaps of the trailer, including two which show off the Justice Society’s resident Flash, Jay Garrick. He doesn’t appear in the episode himself, but we get several close-up views of that painting of the Justice Society spotted last month…plus there’s Clark looking at Jay’s helmet in a display case. It really is a clear view of the wing design.

Jay Garrick on Smallville (sort of)

The CW’s latest promo for Smallville includes clips from February’s two-hour Justice Society episode, “Absolute Justice” (originally two separate episodes, “Society” and “Legends”). In addition to glimpses of Dr. Fate and Sandman, there’s the Justice Society conference table, Alan Scott’s Green Lantern ring, and a view of a painting (by Rodolfo Migliari) showing a dozen past Justice Society members:

Justice Society - Smallville Painting

It’s hard to tell exactly who’s in it, especially in the back, but the Flash’s red shirt stands out clearly. Toyriffic has more screen caps and a list of the characters pictured.

Smallville has generally done its own thing as far as continuity is concerned, which makes it interesting that they appear to be working an entire previous generation of heroes into the mythology.

(Thanks to @BubbaShelby for bringing it to my attention, and for allowing me to use the screencap!)