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“Null and Annoyed” – Review of S4 Ep17 of THE FLASH

Our favorite show is back after a break…and there is something in THE FLASH for everyone this week! Huge plot points for the season’s overall story, an interesting villain of the week, Jay and Silent Bob…wait, really? All that and more in this week’s episode, “Null and Annoyed”! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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Killer Frost…and MUCH more! Review of THE FLASH S3 Ep7

Kevin Smith gave us a season’s worth of highlights in one episode. It’s not just the full-on Killer Frost appearance, nor that foreshadowed fight with Vibe, nor the follow-up to that battle last episode with Savitar. No, this episode packed everything but the kitchen sink in an action- and emotion-packed feast for the eyes and ears. If you can’t rate this episode a 10…I’m not sure what more you can expect from THE FLASH. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“The Runaway Dinosaur” Review of THE FLASH Ep 2.21

Okay let’s deal with the BIG question….was there a Jason Mewes cameo? Yes, and it was excellent. But, you probably already guessed that would happen with Kevin Smith directing this episode of THE FLASH. This was an episode heavy on emotion and not-so-much action sequences.  But, as a “calm before the storm” of the last two episodes of Season 2, this was an excellent show. Want to know more? Like, what WAS “The Runaway Dinosaur” that was the title of this episode? Just follow us after the jump!


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