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“The Runaway Dinosaur” Review of THE FLASH Ep 2.21

Okay let’s deal with the BIG question….was there a Jason Mewes cameo? Yes, and it was excellent. But, you probably already guessed that would happen with Kevin Smith directing this episode of THE FLASH. This was an episode heavy on emotion and not-so-much action sequences.  But, as a “calm before the storm” of the last two episodes of Season 2, this was an excellent show. Want to know more? Like, what WAS “The Runaway Dinosaur” that was the title of this episode? Just follow us after the jump!


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“Blood Is Thicker” – Review of THE FLASH #42

Flash #42ZOOM is back…and creating all sorts of havoc in the lives of the Allens. Yes, I mean plural…but the connection between Zoom and you-know-who isn’t clear quite yet (or if you don’t-know-who, check after the jump). What we DO know is that Barry (and others) are making some very tough moral choices, and each one of those choices appears to be setting the stage for significant repercussions. With that in mind, let’s get to the review, shall we?


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“The Flash Is Born” – Review of Episode 106

Iris’ blog plays a big part in this episode, as she learns there are MORE metahumans in town than just the Streak. This time around, the villain has a direct connection to both Barry and Iris. And, we see more strangeness surrounding Harrison Wells.  All this, and more, in another excellent episode of THE FLASH!

Light Spoilers Only

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Flash TV Quick Hits: Girder Cast

Hypable reports that actor Greg Finley has been cast as Girder in the upcoming Flash TV series. He’ll apparently appear in episodes 6 and 7, the latter which he’ll share with Clock King.

Girder gets his powers from the same particle accelerator accident that empowers Barry, and the two have a lifelong connection: Girder used to bully Barry when they were children. After the accident, he learns that he can “transform his skin into living metal”, and utilizes his new abilities for crime. (Assuming this description is accurate, it sounds like his TV incarnation will be more like Colossus than comicsverse Girder.)

Finley has appeared on such shows as Star-Crossed and The Secret Life Of The American Teenager.

DC Universe Classics Fan Choice Poll 2010 featuring…Girder!!!

TNI reports that Toyfare has announced Mattel’s third annual DC Universe Classics Fan Choice Poll:

The stakes are larger than ever (literally!) in our third annual DC Universe Classics Fan Choice Poll
You know what they say: once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is really friggin’ awesome. Especially when the third time is bigger and better than ever before!

ToyFare is honored to host the third Mattel DC Universe Classics Fan Choice Poll. You’ll remember that in 2008 fans chose The Question, and last year you guys selected Teen Titans’ own Raven (who’ll be appearing in Wave 15 this fall). But for this third poll, the winner will actually become a wave-anchoring Collect and Connect build-a-figure figure for 2011’s DCUC Wave 20, standing between 8 and 10 inches tall. Choose from a wretched hive of scum and villainy, a nominee list populated mostly with big baddies and assorted other n’er-do-wells. The winner will become a larger-than-life plastic reality. And the choice is in your hands!

Have a hands-down favorite? Cast your vote today—voting ends August 31!

The list of names looks pretty familiar:

We don’t want to call Blockbuster a hulking character, but…he is a super-strong but mindless scientist in torn purple pants. Unfortunately, under the influence of his criminal brother (who would later go on to be the second Blockbuster, and a major crime boss), the brutish Blockbuster committed a series of crimes armed with only his brute strength and a burning hatred for Batman and Robin. Seeking a cure for his condition, he was recruited into the very first incarnation of Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad…and promptly killed by Brimstone (himself a previous Mattel Collect-and-Connect figure!) Hey, hulking characters in torn purple pants have made successful figures before…

One of the coolest looking new villains of the past decade, Girder is a nouveau-Flash Rogue, first encountered in Keystone City’s metahuman prison, Iron Heights. Girder has one of those classic “falling into a vat of something” origin stories–in this case, a vat of molten steel that turned his body into living (but continuously rusting) metal. Aside from continually clashing with the Flash, Girder has run up against the Teen Titans and the Justice Society. Also, he has a beard made out of metal. Dude would make one awesome looking toy.

Sure, DCUC already has a humanoid shark guy (GL villain The Shark), but this is King Shark! The former Superboy villain cuts a much more imposing figure than the aforementioned regular Shark, and he’s used his size and strength to take on guys like Superman. Supposedly the son of a shark god (that’s even better than a king!), King Shark took a heroic turn for a while as a mentor to the new Aquaman, but he’s been back to his villainous ways of late. Which is exactly what we like from giant, hideous shark people.

Nekron, embodiment of Death in the DC Universe—well, one of them, at least—has been around for nearly 30 years, but his profile got a huge boost earlier this year when he was revealed as the big bad behind the mega-event Blackest Night (plus the guy behind every superhero resurrection ever.) Nekron’s one of the only guys on this list to actually have an action figure (as part of DC Direct’s Blackest Night line), but 2011 is going to be a huge year for Green Lantern, and there should be no shortage of DCUC Lanterns of every shade for Nekron to battle with or to control. Are fans dying for a giant Nekron figure?

The super-strong and indestructible Shaggy Man was initially only defeated by the creation of a second Shaggy Man. Of late he’s been best known in a much less shaggy form, ever since a dying General Eiling transplanted his brain into the Shaggy Man’s body, shaved it and called himself The General. Fun fact: on the cover of his first appearance, Shaggy Man is depicted holding Flash and Batman in each hand, slamming them into each other. If that’s not the set-up for an action figure display, we don’t know what is.

Hero or villain—take your pick with this figure! It could be the robotic exoskeleton worn by the evil members of the Wildebeest society, who wore identical suits to obscure their crimes and befuddle their enemies, and clashed with the Teen Titans. Or it could be Baby Wildebeest, a baby genetically created by the Wildebeest Society who could occasionally grow to adult sizes and was a member of the Teen Titans. Either way, put this guy on your Titans shelf and you’ve got a big, bad-ass centerpiece to display.


Can you believe it? Not only would he make an awesome Collect and Connect Figure it would be a chance to get some more Rogues in the DC Universe Line. I’m all about sooner rather than later but I don’t know if he has a chance. Nekron, Blockbuster, and Shaggy Man could all easily take the top spot due to their higher profiles over the last few years. Which means it falls to us. We Flash Fans have a chance to bring another Rogue to the DC Universe line. Please vote for Girder by following the link below:

You can vote HERE, and if you are a Flash Fan at all, please vote Girder.

Devin “The Flash” Johnson