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DCTV Fall 2016 Premiere Dates

The CW has announced their premiere dates for Fall 2016, including their four DC superhero TV shows. Rather than launching them all the same week, they’re splitting them across two.

Tuesday. October 4:

The Flash season three premiere

Wednesday, October 5:

Arrow season five premiere

Monday, October 10:

Supergirl season two premiere

Thursday, October 13:

Legends of Tomorrow season two premiere

All four shows run from 8:00-9:00pm.

Seeing them all on the schedule as a regular block of programming really brings home the size of the TV universe that DC has been building. Even if Supergirl stays a separate universe (though fans have speculated that Barry’s time travel antics could result in merging the realities after the inevitable Flashpoint-inspired story arc), it’s connected to the other shows in tone, producers, and of course the fact that it’s already crossed over with The Flash. That four-way mega-crossover they’re planning seems a bit more real now!

Four-Way CW Crossover Coming in December

The CW has announced a mega-crossover between The Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow, and Supergirl in December. There are no details about the story or schedule yet (it’s obviously a long way away), but it should be fun and will expand the CW’s DC universe. It’d be nice if they could bring back John Constantine again too, although that might be a little trickier given its cancellation and rights belonging to a different network.

Newsarama reports that the CW will be airing Supergirl in the Monday 8-9 PM timeslot, so fortunately nothing changes schedule-wise for that show.

Are you intrigued by the crossover? What would you like to see in it?

The Flash Renewed for Season 3

Not that this will surprise anyone, but the CW has officially renewed “The Flash” for a third season!

CW actually renewed their entire slate, from new shows like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” to double-digit veteran “Supernatural.” That means we’re also getting a fifth season of “Arrow,” a third season of “iZombie,” and a second season of “Legends of Tomorrow.” Add in CBS renewing Supergirl for a second season, and it’s clear DC Entertainment has had another successful year of TV shows! (No word yet on renewals for Gotham or Lucifer, but they seem safe.)

“Flash” and “Arrow” were safe bets for renewal, but there’s been discussion as to whether “Legends of Tomorrow” can keep up the scale of the crazy sci-fi adventure on an ongoing basis. I’ve been worried about “iZombie” because it reminds me so much of “Pushing Daisies,” which barely squeaked into half a second season, and I’m thrilled that they’ll be continuing for a third year!

So…after the Flash stops Zoom at the end of this season, what super-speed feats, adventures, guest stars and threats do you want to see in season three?

New Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer

There’s no episode of The Flash this week, but the CW’s gifted us with a new lengthy trailer for Legends Of Tomorrow! It will premiere on January 21st, and is seemingly due for the Thursday night timeslot.

There’s no Flash in this trailer, but we’ve seen from the previous trailer that he may make cameo appearances here and there. The series does have Captain Cold and Heat Wave amongst its core cast, as well as both halves of Firestorm and Hawkgirl (who also made their debuts in The Flash series). And, of course, both The Flash and Arrow have spent a fair amount of time setting up this new series, so you could arguably look at LoT as the culmination of those plotlines.


What do you think, did you like the trailer? Are you planning to watch the series?