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Dark Multiverse: Review of BATMAN: THE RED DEATH

The DCU has introduced an entire separate multiverse…one full of nightmare versions of our favorite heroes. What happens when the Batman of one of those worlds decides to steal the Speed Force for himself? That’s what we see as the regular FLASH team of Josh WIlliamson, Carmine Di Giandomenico and Ivan Plascencia take on this METAL tie-in. There is a lot more here than meets the first glance…and if you want to know more just follow us after the jump!


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SDCC Quick Hits: Movie Schedule, Young Justice Kid Flash, LEGO Flash, Metal

Sadly we don’t have anyone on-site at Comic-Con International this year, but we do have the internet, so we’re following along with everyone else. Here’s a quick round-up of news from the first day and a half of the convention:

One of the attractions at this year’s LEGO booth is a life-size LEGO Flash based on the DCEU movie costume.

Delays on pre-production for the Flash movie mean that Shazam will film next, likely to release in 2019. It’s clear the Flash film won’t make its 2018 target, but there are three days left for DC/WB to make announcements — and he features prominently in new Justice league images.

The live-action Titans TV series is going into production

Young Justice: Outsiders (season 3 of the cartoon) showed off new character designs including Bart Allen as Kid Flash.

DC unveiled the Dark Knights, the villains of Metal (though we’ve already seen the Flash counterpart The Red Death, in the Flash #33 cover).

Stay tuned for more as the weekend continues!