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You love the Flash TV Show. Wanna read some comics?

Flash v4 #1 banner

The Flash TV show is here! Can’t wait for more? You’re in luck: there are decades worth of comics that you can read right now. But where to start?

We’ve got some recommended reading for The Flash, focusing on comics that are available digitally and in book form to make them easier to find.

DC offers digital comics through a number of portals including ComiXology, which has apps to read your comics on your tablet (iPad, Android and Windows), phone, or computer. You can also go through the Kindle, iTunes, and Google Play stores.

You may want to take a quick look at our 5 differences between the TV and comic book Flashes before continuing. Continue reading

Team Turmoil and Dynamo 5

I was recently looking through old scans and ran into an image of Team Turmoil. Readers from the 1990s will recognize them as a group of generic villains who would show up anytime Mark Waid needed the Flash to have a short battle as part of a larger story about something else.

The funny thing is that their costumes reminded me of another team — a much more developed team with actual characters: Dynamo 5. Continue reading