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The Zoom Room: Flash #186, “Three Times Three Equals — ?”

Welcome to our newest series of Flash annotations!  Following our breakdown of the “Death of Iris Allen” story from 1979 and 1980, we’ll be looking at some classic, perhaps lesser-known stories featuring Professor Zoom!  This week features a great issue by a writer not normally linked with the Silver Age Flash title, with a complex plot and ties to the Golden Age. Links to research and artwork are included throughout this post.  For a list of issues we’ve hit so far, click here!

EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THAWNE:  Prior to Flash #186, Zoom’s previous appearance was in Flash #175.  In that story, he masqueraded as one of the alien gamblers in the second Superman/Flash race.

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‘Do-Over: Barry Allen’s 1970s Hair-Reboot, Revisited

There are some big changes on the horizon at DC Comics, many of which have fans wondering if this brave new world will even remotely resemble the one they fell in love with.  DC is even taking a look back at its rich history with the line of Retroactive books, beginning this week.

While some current stories will continue on and adapt with the changes, most will be re-cast in the light of the new universe.  There’s no denying the magnitude of many of the updates and revamps due this fall.  However, anyone concerned about the future is best served to learn from the past.

From his first appearance in 1956, Barry Allen sported a distinct crew-cut.  It, along with the now even-more-dated bow-tie, defined the character’s look and “regular-guy” personality to the point that it has become the default look for any stories set prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths.  However, in 1970, DC Comics decided to do away with all vestiges of the heretofore unwavering ‘do.  In its place, a golden mane of modern manhood crested atop Barry’s visage.

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Linkage: Waid on Spider-Man, DC Movies, Artist Spotlights

Classic Flash writer Mark Waid, in between his duties as Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios, still manages to find time to write comics. His latest project: Spider-Man, detailed in an interview with Newsarama.

Newsarama tries to make sense out of Warner Bros. DC Movie plans, and concludes that The Flash is unlikely to reach the big screen anytime in the next three years. Meanwhile, The Geek Files reports that Ryan Reynolds is still interested in the role.

Comics Should Be Good has been running Underappreciated Artist Spotlights, including features on Ross Andru and Mort Meskin. Ross Andru and Mike Esposito took over from Carmine Infantino as artists on The Flash in 1967. Mort Meskin was the regular artist on fellow speedster Johnny Quick‘s stories in More Fun Comics and Adventure Comics throughout most of the 1940s.