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“Into the Void” Review of S6 E1 of THE FLASH!

We are back for Season Six of THE FLASH! Barry and Iris have lost their once and future daughter Nora. Cisco Ramon is no longer Vibe, having given up his powers to have a chance at love. The Crisis is looming…but that’s for later in the season. What will come up for Team Flash tonight? Follow us after the jump!


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Annotations: The Trial of the Flash, #340 – “Reach Out and Waste Someone!”

Welcome to the latest installment in our annotations of the collected edition of The Trial of the Flash!  A while back, we analyzed related stories leading up to the release of Showcase Presents: The Trial of the Flash.  In addition, we interviewed author Cary Bates about the buildup and the Trial itself, plus showed you what wasn’t included in the collection.


IN THIS ISSUE:  The Flash vs. The Acceleration of Gravity at High Altitudes!

Links to original artwork, scans and research are included throughout this post.  For definitive legal analysis of the story by Bob Ingersoll, go here.  Tom vs. Flash Podcast links here, including these issues.  As always, huge thanks to the DC Indexes. See you after the jump!

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