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Speed Reading: Spotlight, Uni-Formz, Gratuitous Storytelling and More

More weekend linkblogging!

Crimson Lightning has finished the month-long Rogue Spotlight on Abra Kadabra.

That F—ing Monkey reviews the Flash Uni-Formz action figures in great detail.

At Newsarama, Jill Pantozzi considers possible super-hero dads. Her favorite pick? A certain redheaded speedster who might be familiar to readers of this blog.

Other Comics

Collected Editions looks into the question: will the Young Justice cartoon series bring us any new YJ collections? They’ve also updated the DC Trade Paperback Timeline.

Multiversity Comics discusses gratuitous storytelling in recent comics, particularly DC and Marvel. *cough*Rise of Arsenal*cough*

Comics Should Be Good compares various artists’ approach to super-heroic posture.

Comics Nexus notes a trend in current DC Comics and concludes that Geoff Johns must be stopped. Is the tendency to tie everything together good for comics…or is it hurting them in favor of media adaptations? There’s a follow-up post, too, which amounts to, we really don’t think he’s the problem, honest!

Speaking of Geoff Johns, IGN interviews DC’s Chief Creative Officer about Brightest Day and the Rebirth of the DC Universe.

Flash DC Direct Items In Stores This Month

Coming next week DC Direct’s vinyl designer action figure series, UNI-FORMZ will be releasing their fourth wave featuring The Fastest Man Alive. The Flash’s Classic Look featuring the iconic red and yellow costume with Barry’s straight across belt will be joined by two variants; Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne) and the Black Flash. These variants will be produced in far lower quantities than the classic Flash look:

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