July 30, 2009

Flash: Rebirth #4-6 Rescheduled, Will Finish in November

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Flash: Rebirth #4DC has delayed Flash: Rebirth #4 again to August 26, making it a full 2 1/2 months after issue #3. Additionally, they’ve rescheduled issues #5 and 6.

Flash: Rebirth #4 August 26 2 1/2 months after #3
Flash: Rebirth #5 October 14 1 1/2 months after #4
Flash: Rebirth #6 November 18 25 1 month after #5

That pushes them up to a deadline, because Blackest Night: Flash is supposed to spin out of Flash: Rebirth and start in November December [Edit: see comment thread]. Presumably it will need to line up with the rest of the Blackest Night tie-in miniseries (though we saw how well that worked with Final Crisis). Fortunately, Blackest Night: Flash is being drawn by a different artist, so Scott Kolins can start work on it while Ethan Van Sciver is still working on Flash: Rebirth.

Update August 13: On DC’s website, issue #6 has been pushed back another week to November 25.


On a related note, Ethan Van Sciver has posted the final cover to Flash: Rebirth #4 on his Facebook page. It’s very similar to the solicited one, with some color alterations. He mentioned on the Half-Hour Wasted podcast a few weeks ago that the solicited covers for #4-6 were all altered to prevent spoilers. I’m going to go on record here and predict that the final cover for #5 will be exactly like what we’ve seen, only the Black Flash carrying Professor Zoom’s lightning wand will be recolored as Professor Zoom.