March 18, 2012

WonderCon Day 2: Aquawoman & Flash

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Aquawoman and Flash
Aquawoman and Flash from the Rule 63 Justice League.

Saturday’s WonderCon photos are up on Flickr.

The main bit of Flash news that I caught: Heat Wave is up next after Weather Wizard, leading into the big Rogues battle.

4 responses to “WonderCon Day 2: Aquawoman & Flash”

  1. Kyer says:

    ‘Flash’ had better have a high-metabolism speed-healing factor with those boots.

    (Or maybe not enough even so if those ‘bumps’ on the noggin are any indication.)

  2. Wally East says:

    Right arm forward, right leg back. Left arm forward? Left leg back. You’re running not doing the robot 🙂

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