June 7, 2013

UPDATED: Your Most-Anticipated Flash Comic for Villains Month!

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Flash comics for Villains Month

DC Comics will be releasing three Flash villain comics in September: Grodd, Reverse Flash, and The Rogues. Which sounds most appealing to you?

Villains Month poll results pie chart: Reverse Flash, Rogues, Grodd.

Update: The results are in!

Reverse Flash is the clear winner with 46% of the vote. The Rogues is a close second, with 42%. Grodd, however, received only four votes of the 158 votes cast! More people than that (16, at 10%) want to just skip Villains Month entirely!

How about you? Which book are you most looking forward to, and why?

9 responses to “UPDATED: Your Most-Anticipated Flash Comic for Villains Month!”

  1. Wayne Lippa says:

    Reverse Flash for me.

  2. BrianBooch says:

    Poor Grodd.

    Y’all are gonna miss some MAJOR Grodd badassery. And a cameo by a Flash villain that you haven’t seen in the New52! 🙂

  3. BuriedAlien says:

    Reverse-Flash for me, mainly because I want to see more about his origins & mindset, & past introspective issues on the Reverse-Flash have been pretty awesome. Though I’m in the minority, Grodd was a close second- I hear you Brian, I won’t be missing out on the Grodd badassery! Plus I’m glad to hear more past Flash villains are being brought into the New 52, & I can’t wait to see who it is!

  4. Javi says:

    I’m out. Money is too tight and I can’t afford these higher priced books with multiple releases. My budget is broken on Batman books alone that month!

  5. Scott says:

    Definately curious about Reverse Flash!! Would like to see more mirror master in the rogue issue, but cant wait for Grodd!! Also, badassery is an awesome term!

  6. Nick! says:

    I plan on getting all three, but I am most interested in the Reverse Flash one. I can see Grodd scoring low. With the extended Gorilla Warfare arc recently concluded, I bet people are monkey-ed out!

  7. married guy says:

    Due to the local comic shop in Brisbane (Comics Etc) being run by a group of arseholes, I have quit collecting everything. Including The Flash, a book I have collected for over 30 years,
    That said, I’d be most interested in the Rogues issues.

    • Nick! says:

      I hear that. A year ago, I moved for a new job and the local comic book store was just awful. The place itself was okay, but the people who worked there were the stereotypical angry fanboys. Because of that, I stop by my old store when I go back to visit family and friends.

    • Is that just a popular name for Comic Book stores because there used to be a Comics Etc where I live in Reston, VA (although it was actually in Herndon). I don’t remember them being too friendly either though.

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