Flash Companion at Comic-Con

I had a chance to check out The Flash Companion at the TwoMorrows booth today, and it looks really great. I also attended the TwoMorrows panel, where they talked about current and upcoming projects, and author Keith Dallas talked about the book.

John Morrow told a funny story about how, last night, Mark Waid showed up at the booth and wanted to buy a copy. They pointed out that he didn’t need to, they were sending him a comp copy, and he said, no, you don’t understand, I need to read this in my hotel room, tonight! They gave him his free copy then and there.

After the panel I finally got to meet Keith Dallas, Bill Walko, and someone else whose name already escapes me (sorry!) [Edit:] Jim Kingman. Keith is doing a signing at the TwoMorrows booth until 5:00.


4 thoughts on “Flash Companion at Comic-Con

  1. Will

    Great update. I got the Companion yesterday and it is chock full of goodness.

    I hope you are spreading the word about your blog and other Flash site. Hopefully you’ll get treated as a minor journalist or blog celebrity.

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  3. Keith Dallas

    Hey Kelson,

    I’m glad I finally got the opportunity to meet you. The other person you met after the TwoMorrows Panel on Thursday was Jim Kingman, another “Flash Companion” contributor.

    By the way, on Thursday night, I approached Mark Waid and asked him what he thought of the book. He said he loved it! He thought we did an excellent job, so pat yourself on the back, buddy.



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