Johns & Van Sciver on Flash: Rebirth

DC has announced that Geoff Johns and Ethan van Sciver are working on Flash: Rebirth, starring Barry Allen. It’s a 5-issue miniseries starting in January. Some quick linkblogging:

Speed Force: LiveBlogging DC Nation (where the announcement was made).

Newsarama: SDCC ’08 – Johns & Van Sciver Talk Flash: Rebirth.

CBR: CCI: Johns and Van Sciver Team Up for “The Flash: Rebirth”.


3 thoughts on “Johns & Van Sciver on Flash: Rebirth

  1. Andrew

    Both of those interviews were great (and the video with Ian as well). I’ve been a big fan of theirs for years and its really cool to hear Johns and Van Sciver both declare the Flash to be their favorite character in comics. I really get the sense that they want to do this “rebirth” right, and they have obviously thought this through. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

    Personally, for me, having Barry Allen back is like the return of a father figure. And I’m anxious to see how they handle his relationship with Iris. This series can’t start soon enough. :]


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