The Ballad of Barry Allen

Now seems like a good time to post about “The Ballad of Barry Allen.” The song tells about Barry’s life as the Flash, and how lonely it can be at super-speed. The band, Jim’s Big Ego, is headed by the nephew of legendary Flash artist Carmine Infantino, who did the cover artwork on the album.

And yes, the song’s actually good!

It’s available as a digital download on iTunes, on Amazon’s MP3 store, on Slabster and on CD. I originally bought it through iTunes, but it’s worth looking at Amazon or Slabster since the tracks are just plain MP3s. No DRM, no account activation, no need to authorize computers or stick with one company’s player—hardware or software.

There’s also a great fan music video, “Seems so slow,” that uses clips from the Justice League and Teen Titans cartoons:

See also: Flash Music.


5 thoughts on “The Ballad of Barry Allen

  1. Will

    Nice post, I hadn’t seen this yet. This is a perfect example of what your blog is capable of giving the Flash masses.

    Another pop culture Flash reference… on an episode of Big Bang Theory recently, all 4 characters dressed up as The Flash. I don’t watch the show, but I saw some pictures and it looked funny. I’m going to give the show a chance on Netflix.

    SDCC: Big Bang Theory Interviews Part 2

  2. Dario

    Hi Kelson,
    I just thought that maybe you’d like to know that there’s also a song about Wally around 😉

    It’s called THE SCARLET LEGACY OF SPEED. I wrote it and played it with my band Drakkar. It’s part of an EP that we did for free download. You can find it on LAST.FM, and download it on our website.

    I hope you’ll enjoy it. Be aware – that’s METAL! 😀



  3. Kelson Post author

    Thanks for posting that, Dario! Metal isn’t really my thing, but it’s a cool song.

    Also: Will, Dario, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve edited your comments a bit to make the links easier to read.

    Now I’m going to have to see if I can find that episode/scene from Big Bang Theory

  4. Dario

    Hey Kelson,
    of course I don’t mind your editing 😉

    If you want to publish them, I can give you the lyrics of the song. as it’s not included in our 3 albums, but in a free-ep, you can also put it on the website to be downloaded anytime. 😉


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