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Animated Anthem: Seems So Slow

What the heck – I figured I’d post a second video for the Animated Anthems event. This one’s a fan video by tehbasil set to “The Ballad of Barry Allen,” by Jim’s Big Ego, from the album, They’re Everywhere!. If anyone in the music industry knows Barry Allen, it’s singer/songwriter Jim Infantino. He’s the nephew of classic Flash artist Carmine Infantino!

Check back at our first video of the day, the Filmation Flash intro from 1967, or check out the rest of the Animated Anthems being celebrated today!

DC 75th Anniversary Soundtrack

DC has announced a soundtrack compilation featuring music from movie and TV adaptations of their characters. The collection goes all the way back to the 1941 Superman cartoons by Max Fleischer Studios and runs up through Green Lantern: First Flight. A lot of it is previously unavailable material, like music from the 1967 Filmation cartoons, Super Friends and Justice League Unlimited, and the live-action Swamp Thing and Shazam! TV shows. There are also familiar tracks like John Williams’ Superman theme, Danny Elfman’s Batman, and the themes from the 1960s Batman and 1970s Wonder Woman TV series.

CBR has a detailed article, and The Source has the track list. Neither article has a release date more detailed than “later this year,” but Amazon lists September 28.

I was surprised not to see anything from the 1990 Flash TV series (though they do have the Flash intro from the Filmation cartoons), but they may have decided it didn’t represent the Flash appropriately. Danny Elfman’s theme for the show does sound a lot like his Batman theme.

If you do want to pick up music from the Flash TV series, you can still get La La Land Records’ limited edition 2-CD soundtrack, featuring Elfman’s theme and Shirley Walker’s score from eight episodes.

Flash TV Show Soundtrack Discounted

A few months ago, La La Land Records released a 2-CD soundtrack album for the 1990 Flash TV series, featuring Shirley Walker’s score and Danny Elfman’s theme. Now, to commemorate the release of an expanded Batman soundtrack, they’ll be putting The Flash on sale for $19.98. It all starts July 27, when La-La Land returns from Comic-Con.

Album info and order page.

(Thanks to Jeff Murphy for the link.)

Search-Term Q&A

Some more questions and answers pulled from the search statistics:

What happened to Tarpit in Flash: Blackest Night? – Probably nothing, since (as Captain Boomerang Jr. pointed out) his physical body is actually somewhere else. On the other hand, Captain Cold did freeze Iron Heights.

When does the new Flash Forward come out? – New episodes start Thursday, March 18. ABC will also be running a recap of the first half of the season on Tuesday, March 16, after Lost.

What is the song when Flash goes speed force? – I’m not really sure what you mean by this (unless it’s “What music plays during the climax of the Justice League Unlimited episode, “Divided We Fall”), but allow me to recommend the Jim’s Big Ego song, “The Ballad of Barry Allen.” It’s certainly more appropriate than Queen’s Flash Gordon theme.

Is DC: The New Frontier a sequel to The Golden Age? – No, but it’s a similar concept — enough so that when James Robinson was asked whether he might do a sequel, he said that New Frontier basically covered it.

Which Flash controls the speed force? – Depends on what you mean by “control.” Barry Allen generates it by running, all Flashes use it as fuel, and Wally West is able to manipulate it to perform feats like lending or stealing speed.

How can you speed if you are following someone else? – If they’re driving faster than the speed limit, then it’s entirely possible for you to do the same thing.

Why don’t people like Barry Allen? – Because not everyone has the same tastes that you do. Just as some people prefer the serious tone of the 1990s Batman animated series, while others prefer the zany adventure of Batman: the Brave and the Bold, different people like different takes on the Flash.

What will happen to Wally West? – He’ll probably be a recurring guest star in The Flash, and will almost certainly show up in an issue or two of DC Universe: Legacies. DC has scaled back on the big plans they had for the Flash this year, dropping a set of backup stories that would have featured Wally in The Flash and a Kid Flash series that would have featured Bart. Other than that, we probably won’t see much of him until the next big Flash epic, unless James Robinson pulls a surprise and puts him back on Justice League. In which case we can probably expect to see Irey or Jai killed and Wally’s legs amputated. @#*&^! Cry for Justice.

Edit: One More!Panels at WonderCon 2010 – They haven’t released a programming schedule yet, but last year it was posted about two weeks before the convention. So we should see something online by mid-March. Update: They’ll post the schedule one day at a time, starting on March 10.

Flash Soundtrack Available Today

La La Land Records will release a 2-CD soundtrack from the 1990 Flash TV series at 3PM EST (noon PST) today. The show’s music was composed by Shirley Walker (who, in addition to her extensive film career, also did music for the 1990s Batman and Superman animated series).

Until now, the only music available from the show was the title theme composed by Danny Elfman, on Music for a Darkened Theatre, Vol. 2

The 2-disc set is a limited run of 3,000 and features music from the following episodes:

  • Pilot
  • Captain Cold
  • The Trickster
  • Watching the Detectives
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • Done with Mirrors
  • Fast Forward
  • Trial of the Trickster

You can read more, including a full track list, in this thread at Film Score Monthly.

Update: The album page is up with a full track list and free sample tracks (and the cover art, which I’ve copied here). Crimson Lightning talks about how the music enhanced the show.

(Thanks to Jeff Murphy for the info!)