Flash Costumes

Some Flash costumes seen at conventions over the last couple of years.

First, two that I saw at San Diego Comic-Con last year (that’s me posing with the first):

Kelson meets the Flash Another Flash
(Originally posted at K-Squared Ramblings)

A bunch more costumes after the cut:

Next, here’s a couple that shows up to a lot of cons in multiple costumes, often changing in the middle of the day. This is also from San Diego 2007.

(From CBR’s Photo Parade)

And here’s a Flash waiting in line for coffee at Starbucks, from San Diego 2006.

I suspect it’s the same guy from the previous photos in an earlier version of the costume. The symbol’s been rotated a bit, and the belt and eyes are different, but the airbrushed muscles look the same (not to mention the way the symbol is drawn), and what’s visible of his face looks similar.

Here’s another CBR shot from Comic-Con International in 2007, originally part of a larger group of DC heroes:

(From CBR’s Photo Parade)

Finally, a few photos from Flickr that I’ve posted here previously:

The Guild of Justice-Minded Citizenry by Cryptonaut. (Note: The original photo I had of this steampunk JLA group has been taken down. This replaces it.)

Johnny Quick, originally uploaded by walkerspace.

Justice League, originally uploaded by profundis.

One of the neat things about Flash costumes is that there are enough canonical variations that you can easily justify making your own design. My favorites of these aren’t the ones that try to mimic the classic costume, but the ones that do their own thing: Particularly the woman in the shiny Flash costume up at the top of the post, and the man in the Steampunk Flash costume midway through.


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