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Pics from HeroesCon 2015!

There were some great times and great cosplayers at HeroesCon 2015. Below are some great Flash cosplayers who turned up at HeroesCon…and more!

You’ll find me with Robert Venditti, Francis Manapul…and none other than Greg Elias of our site! It was great to finally meet Greg in person and to talk comics for a while at HeroesCon. For those of you following the site, the staff of Speedforce.org are spread literally across the continent, so actually meeting in person is a rare and much-appreciated treat. Thanks to everyone who attended HeroesCon – and if you missed it this year, it is well worth the visit to Charlotte, North Carolina, USA next year!

Interview with Robert Venditti at HeroesCon 2015!

We caught up with Robert Venditti at HeroesCon 2015 for both TMStash and Speedforce.org, to talk about his current volume of THE FLASH, his ongoing work with GREEN LANTERN, his plans for X-O MANOWAR, and more! Thanks to Robert Venditti for taking the time out from a very busy HeroesCon to speak with us!

CLICK HERE for the audio of that interview.

Interview with Mark Waid at HeroesCon 2014!

We talked with writer, publisher and comic shop owner Mark Waid at HeroesCon 2014 on behalf of TMStash and Speedforce.org about Thrillbent Comics (check it out!), the continuation of EMPIRE at Thrillbent, his take on THE FLASH (including both his take on the New52 Wally West and his comments about the name of the Speed Force itself), Foggy’s health issues in DAREDEVIL and more!  Don’t miss this interview with Mark Waid (just click on the link below)!

Just a note for Flash fans who cannot wait for the Flash-related questions, they start at 3:23…but honestly you should catch the whole thing…and don’t forget to check out Thrillbent.com!

Interview with Van Jensen at HeroesCon 2014!

We were able to sit down with FLASH co-writer Van Jensen at HeroesCon 2014 on behalf of Speedforce.org and TMStash.com, where we talked about Wally West and his development in the New 52, the present Future Flash storyline, Barry’s relationships with Patty and Iris, and more…including his projects PINOCCHIO: VAMPIRE SLAYER and THE LEG! Just click on the link below.

Just a couple of notes – this was recorded on the floor of HeroesCon, so please excuse the background noise.   And, yes, the first question was intentionally silly, but we do get down to business very quickly thereafter.  Thanks to Van Jensen for taking the time to meet with us at HeroesCon!

Last Day of HeroesCon 2013!

Here are some quick pics from the last day of HeroesCon 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Not as many Flash t-shirts today, but there was a lot going on.  NOTE: Whoever saw the female Jay Garrick cosplayer on Saturday…please send along a pic if you have one, as that would be a great pic to include here.  I don’t have as many pics today as I did on Friday, as I went to a couple of panels today – one with Matt Fraction and the other a Bat-panel.  Still, this was a fun con and a great time.  btw – our Barry Allen cosplayer from Friday did see the kind remarks on the site…thanks for sending those along.  Here are the pics!

Flash Fans, Creators and Cosplay…and More at Day One of HeroesCon 2013

I’ve been able to get to HeroesCon for Day One…and will return for Day Three on Sunday.  Here are some of the Flash fans…and some bonus pics as well.  There is one pic of Marcio Takara, who filled in for a couple of issue of The Flash. Later, I got him to sign a variant cover of one of his Flash issues. And yes, that is yours truly posing with the great Neal Adams!

I enjoyed taking pics not only of the cosplayers…but anyone wearing a Flash t-shirt. btw…the Barry Allen cosplayer was amazing!  Here are the pics: