WonderCon 2009 Day One

Having a great time at WonderCon so far. The con floor is divided into 3 main areas – publishers, comic dealers, and Artists’ Alley. There’s a bit more variation, but that’s the main breakdown. Not too many people in costumes today. Everyone seemed very patient in the line waiting to get in, much more than I’d expect in, say, San Diego.

Talked to some artists, picked up some autographs, bought some trades I’d been meaning to pick up. Got over to the Boom booth to pick up the Farscape exclusive, hit the DC Nation and Boom panels, saw an interesting one on the real archaeology behind the Indiana Jones series.

Also attended the screening of the direct-to-DVD Wonder Woman movie coming out on Tuesday. It’s incredible. It’s epic. Ares is the main villain, there’s an all-out war that nearly gave the film an R rating (I think the final cut is PG-13), and it doesn’t shy away from any aspect or implications of Diana’s origin — and because it tackles everything head-on, it works.

After WW, there was a brief trailer for the next direct-to-DVD animation, Green Lantern, which looks to be very cosmic and sci-fi in tone.

More comments on Twitter, and first batch of photos are up on Flickr.

Update: I have a more thorough con report up at K-Squared Ramblings.


9 thoughts on “WonderCon 2009 Day One

  1. Brandan

    I enjoyed the Wonder Woman film as well. I think its the best release from DC/Warner Premiere yet. They didn’t happen to mention what the next project was did they?

    1. Kelson Post author

      Next up is Green Lantern: First Flight this summer. They didn’t say what comes after that. Someone asked about the Teen Titans: Judas Contract adaptation, and they said that Teen Titans consistently comes out last on surveys. The point was made that Warner Bros. knows Superman and Batman will sell, and doesn’t have a problem greenlighting a Superman or Batman project, but the other characters or teams need some more convincing. The suggestion was that the next time someone asks you what movies you want to see from DC, don’t say Superman or Batman — they’re going to get made — say Teen Titans, or Wonder Woman, or some other character you want to see who is less of a sure thing.

  2. Matt Furtado

    Dude, I was there today also and saw John Wesley Shipp! He wasn’t in the autographs area, but was with one of the exibitors – some comics shop I can’t remember the name of right now… I got to talk to him for about 5 minutes – he seems like a really really nice guy. If you’re going back tomorrow you should try to find him!

  3. James

    @kelson: Heh, I should have known; I can’t believe I didn’t notice you. Probably had something to do with the fact that I was operating on 20 minutes worth of sleep from the previous night…


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