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Flash News from WonderCon

I’m back from the convention, and have a bunch of photos up at Flickr. Catching up, there isn’t a whole lot of new Flash information that came out at the convention. Here are a few bits from the DC Nation and DC Universe panels.

I attended both, but the only items that stood out were those I posted to my Twitter stream:

  • Ian Sattler on Flash:Rebirth: everything you want in a Flash Book x10
  • And yes, Wally will keep playing a role in the DCU

CBR adds from DC Nation:

Sattler said there will not be an ongoing Flash Rogues book, but they may star in more stories.

If I’d thought of a question that hadn’t been answered 500 times before, I would have asked it, but as it was there wasn’t much new information.

I did have an interesting exchange on Twitter, though:

SpeedsterSite: @SpeedForceOrg If Van Sciver’s there, be sure to let him know SpeedsterSite says hi!

SpeedForceOrg: @SpeedsterSite Haven’t seen any sign of EVS. I think he might be at MegaCon.

batmansgirl: @SpeedForceOrg EVS was definitely at Megacon today. He did a sketch for me of Bruce in Black Lantern suit. I *love* the way he drew his eyes

Tweeting WonderCon 2009


  • Waiting in line to get into WonderCon…
  • Almost ready to go in, all I can see of the main floor is the giant T-shirt booth.
  • Waiting for DC Nation to start. Batman across the aisle, Green Lantern a few rows up. Techs getting slideshow ready.
  • Realized I’m right next to audience Q&A mike. Might want to move….
  • Ian Sattler: This is a really long story – ina good way
  • 8 Bat books in June, & Paul Dini is on both Batman: Streets of Gotham & Gotham City Sirens.
  • Catwoman,Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn as a serious teamup? (Sirens)
  • Sattler to yawning GL cosplayer: Have the willpower to stay awake during our presentation!
  • Wonder Woman movie is phenomenal.
  • GL trailer looked very impressive. Really going scifi cosmic, w/ the corps, Sinestro (in his modern uniform) etc.
  • Uploading WonderCon (and vacation) pics to Flickr
  • *sigh* Flickr Uploadr got stuck. Retrying now.. then sleep.


  • Wow… WonderCon is a LOT more crowded than yesterday
  • Spotted 3 Rorschachs so far. And a zillion Wonder Woman tiaras. (I think they’re today’s DC giveaway)
  • Autograph area is PACKED
  • A balloon just went racing across the hall until it ran out of air.
  • At DC Universe panel…
  • Judd Winnick reads Top 10 Things You Expect From Judd Winnick Writing Batman
  • Ian Sattler on Flash:Rebirth: everything you want in a Flash Book x10
  • And yes, Wally will keep playing a role in the DCU
  • James Robinson: goal is to make books so good that you CAN’T wait for the trade
  • Arg! Final Crisis IS linear, except the final issue, and that’s a straight framing+flashback parallel structure.
  • People leaving after Star Trek panel at WonderCon
  • Crowd Control: “There’s plenty of room, they all left after Star Trek because they’re crazy.”
  • More WonderCon photos up at Flickr

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Note: Somehow when I added the headings, I added the wrong days of the week. This was Friday and Saturday, not Saturday and Sunday.

WonderCon 2009 Day One

Having a great time at WonderCon so far. The con floor is divided into 3 main areas – publishers, comic dealers, and Artists’ Alley. There’s a bit more variation, but that’s the main breakdown. Not too many people in costumes today. Everyone seemed very patient in the line waiting to get in, much more than I’d expect in, say, San Diego.

Talked to some artists, picked up some autographs, bought some trades I’d been meaning to pick up. Got over to the Boom booth to pick up the Farscape exclusive, hit the DC Nation and Boom panels, saw an interesting one on the real archaeology behind the Indiana Jones series.

Also attended the screening of the direct-to-DVD Wonder Woman movie coming out on Tuesday. It’s incredible. It’s epic. Ares is the main villain, there’s an all-out war that nearly gave the film an R rating (I think the final cut is PG-13), and it doesn’t shy away from any aspect or implications of Diana’s origin — and because it tackles everything head-on, it works.

After WW, there was a brief trailer for the next direct-to-DVD animation, Green Lantern, which looks to be very cosmic and sci-fi in tone.

More comments on Twitter, and first batch of photos are up on Flickr.

Update: I have a more thorough con report up at K-Squared Ramblings.

Light Week…then WonderCon

WonderCon 2009This week’s going to be a bit light because I’ll be on vacation. That’s not to say I won’t be around — I’ve pre-written and scheduled a couple of posts, some of the hotels will have wifi, and I’ve got a near-permanent link to the Internet now in the form of a G1 phone — but I’ll be spending a lot of time doing touristy things and hanging out with people instead of spending all day in front of a computer.

Then at the end of the week I’ll be attending WonderCon in San Francisco. Keep an eye on @SpeedForceOrg on Twitter and my Flickr photos, plus I’ll make occasional posts here. My con report(s) will go up at K-Squared Ramblings, with anything Flash-specific here.

Line at Moscone Center, WonderCon 2008

You can read my write-up of last year’s WonderCon, as well as check out last year’s photos.