Tweeting WonderCon 2009


  • Waiting in line to get into WonderCon… #
  • Almost ready to go in, all I can see of the main floor is the giant T-shirt booth. #
  • Waiting for DC Nation to start. Batman across the aisle, Green Lantern a few rows up. Techs getting slideshow ready. #
  • Realized I’m right next to audience Q&A mike. Might want to move…. #
  • Ian Sattler: This is a really long story – ina good way #
  • 8 Bat books in June, & Paul Dini is on both Batman: Streets of Gotham & Gotham City Sirens. #
  • Catwoman,Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn as a serious teamup? (Sirens) #
  • Sattler to yawning GL cosplayer: Have the willpower to stay awake during our presentation! #
  • Wonder Woman movie is phenomenal. #
  • GL trailer looked very impressive. Really going scifi cosmic, w/ the corps, Sinestro (in his modern uniform) etc. #
  • Uploading WonderCon (and vacation) pics to Flickr #
  • *sigh* Flickr Uploadr got stuck. Retrying now.. then sleep. #


  • Wow… WonderCon is a LOT more crowded than yesterday #
  • Spotted 3 Rorschachs so far. And a zillion Wonder Woman tiaras. (I think they’re today’s DC giveaway) #
  • Autograph area is PACKED #
  • A balloon just went racing across the hall until it ran out of air. #
  • At DC Universe panel… #
  • Judd Winnick reads Top 10 Things You Expect From Judd Winnick Writing Batman #
  • Ian Sattler on Flash:Rebirth: everything you want in a Flash Book x10 #
  • And yes, Wally will keep playing a role in the DCU #
  • James Robinson: goal is to make books so good that you CAN’T wait for the trade #
  • Arg! Final Crisis IS linear, except the final issue, and that’s a straight framing+flashback parallel structure. #
  • People leaving after Star Trek panel at WonderCon #
  • Crowd Control: “There’s plenty of room, they all left after Star Trek because they’re crazy.” #
  • More WonderCon photos up at Flickr #

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Note: Somehow when I added the headings, I added the wrong days of the week. This was Friday and Saturday, not Saturday and Sunday.


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