Flash Flickr Finds: NYCC

Just a few Flash photos from New York Comic-Con that I found on Flickr.

Three Flashes, and the White Queen Flash Fans Teen Titans: Wonder Girl, Superboy, Kid Flash, Robin

Flash and White Queen Shiny Flash Two Flashes Kid Flash and Solomon Grundy Carmine Infantino Geoff Johns


5 thoughts on “Flash Flickr Finds: NYCC

  1. The Human Tornado

    Love the two Kid Flash costumes and the Teen Titans. I’m wondering what material he used for the Kid Flash boots btw. Cause I had a similar idea but everything I think of seems too flimsy. Not really that impressed by The Flashes. Although the shiny costumes would look better if they were actually form fitting.

  2. Jason West

    ridiculously awesome Titans group! (though Wonder Girl’s looking a bit creepy…and Conner’s not even dead there!) love the Robin hoodie. (where’s his mask?)

    also: best shot of Geoff Johns. ever.

    .-= Jason West’s latest blog post: Rebirthing… =-.


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