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It seems that MegaCon revealed more Flash news, as Dan DiDio and Ethan Van Sciver both chose Florida over San Francisco.

Newsarama posts from DC Universe:

Next up, DiDio introduced Ethan Van Sciver—who spoke at length about Flash: Rebirth which hits shelves next month. Van Sciver expressed his enthusiasm for the project and working with Geoff Johns by saying, “This is the book that Geoff and I have been waiting to do our entire careers—we’re returning Barry Allen to the DC Universe,” which was followed by an eruption of cheers and applause from the audience. Indicating that could not talk at length about the project, Van Sciver still managed to tease the audience, “In the first issue, Barry Allen will discover a dead Flash that will lead him to investigate real truths and the scary reality of being a Flash.” He paused, “The only other thing I’ll mention: Issue #3— Superman/ Flash race,” which drew another round of applause from the audience.

Yeah, because that’s what the Flash mythos needs: even more death. 🙄

DiDio asked the audience potentially re-numbering a Flash monthly title. A fan reasoned, “Either 598 or 351—depending on which Flash is in the book.” The panel marveled at how quickly the fan had responded with the numbers.

They shouldn’t be surprised — fans have hashed the topic to death online, long before bringing it to the panel!

There was a short discussion regarding George Perez’s earlier work on New Teen Titans when it was pointed out that two fans in costume, one dressed as Wally West/Flash and the other dressed as Starfire, were both creations from Perez’s first run on New Teen Titans. They were asked to come to the stage—Perez greeted them both warmly and said, “Who knew that creating Starfire would lead to having women dress up like her at conventions…” drawing a healthy amount of laughter from the audience.

Um…no, Kid Flash was not a George Perez creation. He did draw Wally in New Teen Titans, of course…

Also from DC Nation:

QUESTION: DC has been bringing back characters – Barry Allen Flash, Oliver Queen Green Arrow – each had characters existing that took their place. Is there a reason they don’t take on their own identity? Such as the multiple Atoms, the multiple Flashes, the multiple Green Arrows…

DD – Sounds like a great idea for a story some day!


8 thoughts on “Flash News from MegaCon

  1. Brandan

    Three things…I like the idea of the “replacement” heroes starring in their own title. Dick,Wally,Kyle and Connor would make the best team. Seriously doubt that will ever happen.

    Secondly, I don’t like that Geoff/Ethan are using Superman anywhere in Rebirth. I want a GREAT story that brings The Flash back to a Trinity level status, not a 6 issue mini thats riddled with cameos.

    Thirdly, it would seem that Jay Garrick and Wally are back on the chopping block of death. The solicits state that a speedster dies, while Ethan confirms that its a Flash. Well they just brought back Bart so it can’t be him, and Barry can’t investigate his own death, so Wally and Jay are the two left. Though DC is trying to maintain that Wally will be an essential character in the DCU after Rebirth…which leaves Jay…

  2. rwe1138

    I’ve been bracing myself for Jay’s death ever since Per Degaton brought it up in an issue of JSA.

  3. CM22

    I don’t see Jay or Wally biting it in the first issue off panel. But now I am scared for my wildcard favorite John Fox. Not to mention anyone else who temporarily was a Flash during Wally’s run. (I’m looking at you giant list of Chain Lightning characters).

    1. Kelson Post author

      I can imagine, if Jay dies, Dan Didio saying with a straight face, “Why are you all unhappy? We did what you wanted — we brought back Barry and we didn’t kill Wally.”

  4. Wally East

    I was thinking John Fox, too.

    I really wonder what the polling would show about what fans want.

    Lia Nelson seems unlikely but a possibility. She talked about coming to Earth 1 a few times in Tangent: Superman’s Reign.

    I’m trusting it won’t be Jay until I see that it is.

  5. West

    Well, this confirms something I thought while I was at MegaCon on Saturday. Dan Didio walked by me while I stood and stared.

    There were a number of Didio-lookalikes there that day, believe it or not.

    If I were more of a fan, I might regret not having shaken his hand. Can’t say I dig what he’s done with the Flashes, though.

    .-= West’s latest blog post: Customer Cheated. Media Blames Customer. =-.

  6. Kelson Post author

    I will say one thing for Dan Didio: Having been to DC Nation run by him at San Diego, and DC Nation run by Ian Sattler at WonderCon, Didio brings energy to his panels. DC Nation at WonderCon was practically sedate (there was a memorable moment in which Sattler chided the guy in the Green Lantern costume in the front row for almost falling asleep), and DC Universe was dull enough (most of it rehashed the previous panel) that I spent my time reading up on the demise of scans_daily.

    I hear the audience at DC nation in MegaCon was somewhat hostile this year, though.


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