Flash News from WonderCon

I’m back from the convention, and have a bunch of photos up at Flickr. Catching up, there isn’t a whole lot of new Flash information that came out at the convention. Here are a few bits from the DC Nation and DC Universe panels.

I attended both, but the only items that stood out were those I posted to my Twitter stream:

  • Ian Sattler on Flash:Rebirth: everything you want in a Flash Book x10
  • And yes, Wally will keep playing a role in the DCU

CBR adds from DC Nation:

Sattler said there will not be an ongoing Flash Rogues book, but they may star in more stories.

If I’d thought of a question that hadn’t been answered 500 times before, I would have asked it, but as it was there wasn’t much new information.

I did have an interesting exchange on Twitter, though:

SpeedsterSite: @SpeedForceOrg If Van Sciver’s there, be sure to let him know SpeedsterSite says hi!

SpeedForceOrg: @SpeedsterSite Haven’t seen any sign of EVS. I think he might be at MegaCon.

batmansgirl: @SpeedForceOrg EVS was definitely at Megacon today. He did a sketch for me of Bruce in Black Lantern suit. I *love* the way he drew his eyes


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