Speed Reading: Strange Feelings, Amalgam, Animation and More

Flash #133 (Turned into a puppet!)The Absorbascon presents Strange Feelings, with Barry Allen. If you thought it was odd to be turned into a puppet

ComicBloc’s Creativeartist has put together a Flash: Rebirth animation — in Flash, of course!

Amalgam: Speed DemonThe AV Club gives Flash: Rebirth #1 a solid B, but the dissenting opinion “was reminded why I rarely read super-hero comics anymore.”

Panels on Pages asks, Remember Amalgam? Amalgam Comics was the special-event line tied to Marvel vs. DC, filled with mash-ups of Marvel and DC characters, like the Flash/Etrigan/Ghost Rider combination, Speed Demon.

Comics Should Be Good’s Greg Hatcher writes about the grail quest — or rather, the thrill of hunting for comics.

I know that searching online I could wrap up all of these in about an hour, especially if money was no object. But money is an object — part of the fun is trying to score these things for under five dollars — and more to the point, the search is part of the pleasure. Google-and-click just isn’t the same.

Mark Evanier has launched a project to Rebuild Len Wein’s Comic Book Collection, after the Swamp Thing and Wolvering co-creator lost his house in a fire earlier this month.


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