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Annotations: The Trial of the Flash, #332 – “Defend The Flash…and Die?”

Welcome to the latest installment in our annotations of the collected edition of The Trial of the Flash!  We analyzed related stories leading up to the summer 2011 release of Showcase Presents: The Trial of the Flash.  In addition, we interviewed author Cary Bates about the buildup and the Trial itself, plus showed you what wasn’t included in the collection.  Are you ready, Batman?

IN THIS ISSUE:  Carmine Infantino vs. Dave Gibbons – you decide!  Plus, Legal…Vultures?

Links to original artwork, scans and research are included throughout this post.  For legal analysis of the story by Bob Ingersoll, go here.  Tom vs. Flash took on this issue here.  See you after the jump!

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Speed Reading: Strange Feelings, Amalgam, Animation and More

Flash #133 (Turned into a puppet!)The Absorbascon presents Strange Feelings, with Barry Allen. If you thought it was odd to be turned into a puppet

ComicBloc’s Creativeartist has put together a Flash: Rebirth animation — in Flash, of course!

Amalgam: Speed DemonThe AV Club gives Flash: Rebirth #1 a solid B, but the dissenting opinion “was reminded why I rarely read super-hero comics anymore.”

Panels on Pages asks, Remember Amalgam? Amalgam Comics was the special-event line tied to Marvel vs. DC, filled with mash-ups of Marvel and DC characters, like the Flash/Etrigan/Ghost Rider combination, Speed Demon.

Comics Should Be Good’s Greg Hatcher writes about the grail quest — or rather, the thrill of hunting for comics.

I know that searching online I could wrap up all of these in about an hour, especially if money was no object. But money is an object — part of the fun is trying to score these things for under five dollars — and more to the point, the search is part of the pleasure. Google-and-click just isn’t the same.

Mark Evanier has launched a project to Rebuild Len Wein’s Comic Book Collection, after the Swamp Thing and Wolvering co-creator lost his house in a fire earlier this month.