DCU Online Flash — Concept Art and Screenshots Reveal Wally West

Sony has just released character designs and a bio of the Flash in DC Universe Online, and Newsarama has the scoop. The Flash has previously appeared in demos and screenshots of the upcoming MMORPG, but I don’t recall seeing the design artwork before…or the character biography.

Flash design for DC Universe Online

The surprise here is that Jim Lee’s design is still recognizably Wally West’s costume with the V-shaped belt, rather than Barry Allen’s. Considering that DC has been re-focusing the Flash franchise around Barry Allen, I would have expected them to use him for their next flagship game. And besides, Geoff Johns is writing both Flash: Rebirth and the storylines for DCUO. On the other hand Mortal Kombat vs. DCU used a costume that was closer to Wally’s than Barry’s, and called him Barry Allen. The biography is quite specific, though:

The Fastest Man Alive, Wally West easily runs at light speed, vibrates through objects, create explosions through friction – and, when at agonizing top capacity, can manipulate time and bridge dimensions.

The Flash is a time-honored member of the Justice League. The latest in a long line of Flashes, each with their own unique way of tapping into the primal “Speed Force,” Wally is determined to live up to the noble legacies of speedsters such as Barry Allen, Max Mercury, and Jay Garrick.

It’s hard to get more specific than that!

(Speaking of Jay Garrick, the design for his appearance in the game was released last summer.)

Newsarama has more images and details.

Update: jcbagee points to a gallery of more images at Kotaku. In addition to some slightly larger versions of the same images, there are a bunch of screenshots from the game itself, including this one with some (presumably) player-character speedsters:

Flash Group

Oddly enough, the Flash’s eyes seem blue in the renderings…

Update 2: CBR has the same set of images as Kotaku, and the bio.


3 thoughts on “DCU Online Flash — Concept Art and Screenshots Reveal Wally West

  1. STeve

    So, because they released an image of the design for Wally West, Barry isn’t going to be in the game?

    “Oddly enough” I can’t find a scrap of logic here.

  2. FlashFan

    YES! The Flash is Wally! He’s my favorite! I was scared they were going to start taking him out of everything, but at least they’re still keeping him in this.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Seeing as how this post is over a year old…don’t get your hopes up. I wouldn’t count on Wally still being there by the time the game launches. The Flash in the trailer has Wally’s belt on his armor (yes, armor), but that may not mean much.


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