SDCC 2010 DC Universe Online Trailer Flash Armor Pictures

For those who haven’t been able to check out the SDCC 2010 DC Universe Online Trailer here are some captures of The Flash in an alternate reality sporting an armored look.

Now for those who haven’t seen the trailer and care to know why The Flash is wearing those armored duds, this takes place in an alternate future in which Braniac quietly abducted superhumans and then finally launched an all out invasion force that wiped out humanity leaving only that world’s alternate version of Lex Luthor intact. He traveled through time to warn the Justice League of the past of what may be coming to them in the future. The story reminds me a little of the recent DC animated release, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths or JLA: Earth 2, the book the movie was loosely based on. Right down to the alternate version of Luthor trying to change things and the involvement of Braniac in the main plot. It’s not too similar though, where I feel like we’ve already seen this before. I can’t wait to see how the story ends up unfolding.

I’m digging the armored look overall. I know it’s probably not going to be present in the main part of the game but it’s still cool to see heroes armored up for super threats or super battles. It also reminds me a little bit of the Kid Flash design for the upcoming Young Justice animated series. Would be kind of cool to see it as an action figure and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an action figure line released with this game.

Devin “The Flash” Johnson

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6 thoughts on “SDCC 2010 DC Universe Online Trailer Flash Armor Pictures

    1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

      🙂 I liked the Fractal Tech Gear and I really like this look. In fact now that I think about it this reminds me more of the second Flash released along with Blue Beetle.

  1. Mark Engblom

    Nope. My guess is that now Barry is the “default Flash” for alternate media stuff (like video games, cartoons, etc). I think Wally is now Kid Flash in the new Young Justice cartoon (it was confirmed during the Con), so…sorry.

    As for the game itself, it looks like a blast. I’d love to try it when it’s released, but I’m sure I’d be instantly flattened by the ultra-expert players that hate newbies like me cluttering up their game space.

  2. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

    It looks like Wally and the belt matches Wally’s but Mark is probably right if we are going by DC’s recent actions. *Sigh*


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