Speed Reading: Panels, Moments and Flash Facts

Some Monday morning linkblogging…


Mark Waid reminds us all that Barry Allen discovered Earth-2 on June 14, 1961.

Groovy Superhero has a scan from Futurama Comics #34, in which Fry gets a job at Speed Force Burgers. It’s very fast food, and the employees’ outfits may look a bit familiar to this blog’s audience…

Friday’s Full Frontal Nerdity comic strip features a reference to Barry Allen’s return from the dead.

Weekly Crisis has a couple of moments of the week from Flash: Rebirth #3.

Comic Book Resources’ CBR Live has a bunch of photos from Saturday’s grand opening of Earth-2 Comics in Northridge, featuring co-owner Geoff Johns and a bunch of other Los Angeles-area comics personalities.

UPDATE: CBR has posted a photo parade from the Earth-2 grand opening which looks like a different set of pictures than the CBR Live stream.

UPDATE: What Were They Thinking?! is back online after almost a month!


4thletter! is tired of re-runs in his comics.

UPDATE: The Annotated Flash: Rebirth has posted notes on Flash: Rebirth #3.

Flash Fact?

Researches now think that ADHD is linked to faulty perception of time: as far as hyperactive kids are concerned, time really does move too slowly. Comics Alliance likens this to being the Flash. Though maybe Impulse is a better comparison…


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Panels, Moments and Flash Facts

  1. Paltiel

    After three issues, is this revival working out? Any fun, any secret delight when you turn the pages? Maybe GL Rebirth worked because by the end it was so over-the-top and nuts. I fear we want the Lost Ark but got Indiana 4. I only wish there were still a little John Broome magic to be found.

  2. Ben

    I have to say that I concur with the ADHD/Depression articles. I have both ADHD and Depression, I have experienced both types of temporal perceptions. Though my father views more as a Batman type than a Flash Type.
    .-= Ben’s latest blog post: =-.


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